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Monday, October 31, 2011

New Pictures!

Elder Woolbert just sent home a memory card full of pictures. I will post them as fast as I can load them. I was told that he has taken some beautiful pictures.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plans for first Baptism..........

Hello all,
               So this last week was really good. We started making baptism plans for the Flowerdews. They are really excited. I think that their friends that are members are going to baptize them, so we won't have to do anything just to show up and make sure it all runs good. I want the member family to baptize them because missionaries come and go but friends are always there and this will draw both families closer together. I hope that makes sense. We also picked up a new investigator this last week. His name is Lee. He is pretty cool. He really knows his Bible and it's hard because I don't know my Bible. Ha ha. I focus a lot on the Book of Mormon and not the bible. I got to start studying it. I was reading the story of Moses taking the children of Israel out of Egypt and all the things that happen. I thought that was pretty cool. I don't know if I have ever really read that before. Oh, our Philippine family is doing good. They did not show up to church this Sunday. I don't know why yet but we will crack down on them in a loving way of course. lol They have been hard to meet with lately because Rossalia has been really busy and she is taking some college classes right now. So I hope we can see her more this week. We are making good head way with the fewer actives. This ward has really started to notice that we are working with them and they like it. We have made a lot of member and none member friends up here. I just hope the next Elder's that come here don't let all the work go to waste.

              We still don't have any snow yet. Every day is about 28-35 degrees. It stays cold but it just doesn't snow at our area for some reason.  It's kind of bugging me. So how is the family doing? Today me and my comp are going up to Hatchers pass to go play in the snow and drive around. Hatcher's pass is the the area that I took the pictures I sent home. Now it's covered in snow. So I don't know what to tell you to send me. Mom, dad and sisters, I love you all with all my heart. Thank you for all the love and support you give me. You all have a great week and spread the word that the church is true and help the Elder's out the best you can.
 Elder Woolbert

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hey family,
Things are going good, really good with the mission work. Things keep getting better and better. The ward likes me and my companion a lot. They love having us over at their houses and talking with them and helping them with stuff.  We committed they Flowerdew family to be baptized last Monday and they said yes. We are very excited and they are getting baptized November 4th. The Phillipino family is doing good. We see them twice a week and we are getting her son more involved in scouts and Young Men's. They are really cool and they keep on learning and growing in the church. The weather is good here. Last night it snowed for the first time. Woo. I am loving it. The sad thing is that it was mostly all melted by the morning but all the hills around us are covered. We might go 4x4 up in the hills today and chill in the snow.Ha ha. I hope that I get to stay here through Christmas. I love this area and the ward.
Well I hope ya all have a good week. Love you all so much.
Elder Woolbert  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reindeer Farm

A family in the ward Elder Woolbert is serving in, owns a reindeer farm. Elder Woolbert and his companion have been serving there. The TV show Dirty Jobs has filmed there and Larry the Cable guy filmed an episode of his TV show there. I will post pictures when he sends some home.

Link to Reindeer Farm website

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just another day........

Hey Everyone,
Things are going good up here. Me and my companion have a lot of fun but we are also doing good missionary work. Its funny after my last companion left the members have opened up to us more. Some of them told me they could not stand my last companion so they did not have us over because of him. I just laugh because I had to live with him for 2 months. So the new family we are teaching was a member referal. This family came to church this Sunday after only 2 lessons. They are way cool and they have been prepared by the Lord for sure. They are just ready to hear the gospel and to be baptized. We have another lesson with them tonight. We are going to commit them to baptism. So yes it's cool stuff.
 So about the packages you sent. I got them both and yes it all fits. Thank you so much. So the I-pod touch is fine to have up here. There is almost no internet access anywhere up here so don't worry. I don't want a mini I just want the touch so I can have scriptures and other church manuals on there as back up or when I am in my apartment. Lots of Elders have them and I can down load maps to the I-pod for all may areas. That's a big help.
So tell grandpa I wish him luck and I will be praying for him. That's cool that dad gave grandpa a blessing. It's funny I am kicking myself that I held the priesthood back home but I never offered dad a blessing after all the times he gave me blessings. There was a talk we had awhile ago and it talked about using your priesthood and it said something about sons blessing there fathers and it hit me. I never offered dad one. I wish I could fly home and offer him one and then come back up here. Please tell dad I am sorry for not looking beyond my self when I was at home.
So this is our cell number so Bro. Pehrson can call us when he is in Wassila. I am going to send home my boots and fleece sheets. Trust me I will be fine and there is always lots of extra sheets in the apartments and there are lots of boots the the mission home so I will be just fine. I would much rather have that stuff at home so I can have it when I get off my mission. Don't worry ok. I have thought it through many of times.
So yes I have been working out and watching what I eat. It kind of didn't happen much with my old companion but my new companion is a avid work out guy and we both eat good stuff and work out most every day. It's hard because your body puts on winter weight up here no matter what. But I am doing good and not getting bigger but slowly getting smaller. I have started taking  b12 the vitamin it boots your metabolism. Tell dad about it. They seem to do good. I hope to come home about 200 pounds and in fairly good shape. I am 235 right now. Woo it stinks ha ha ha.   Well I got to go but you all have a great week. Choose the right.
 Elder Woolbert

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Companion!

Hi family and friends,
            Things are going great up here. I have my new companion his name is Elder Anderson from St. George, Utah. Ha ha ha. We get along good. We have fun and we are a lot alike. 
              We picked up a new family Saturday night to start teaching. They are cool. It was way scary tho. I have not taught a lot of lessons from Preach My Gospel and we had the family we were teaching and a member family from our ward all around us watching us teach. Way crazy but it was fun.  The priesthood conference was awesome. They did some talking on the second coming and how we are gathering Israel and stuff and all the priesthood got called to repentance.  They just said if your doing stuff wrong get your act together and repent and get your life in order and serve a mission. It was one of the most bold talks that I have ever herd. I love the prophet. He is so great to listen to. I feel the spirit every time he talks. Well I do when they all talk but I really like the prophet. 
                Mom I don't have room to carry around these big boots and fleece blankets. I promise I will be fine with out them. I want to send them home because I want to keep them and not just leave them in a missionary apartment. So when I get a chance I am sending some stuff  along with Christmas stuff.  Thank you, thank you for getting me the pants. They will be a hug help. I have been working on getting pictures of me to send home. It's just hard. I am not a photogenic person. I get that from you MOM ha ha ha. So mom you want a Christmas list from me. Well the only thing that I want is an I-pod touch to put music on. A lot of Elders have them and it is nice so you don't have to carry around CDs. The only other thing I want instead of that is emergency stuff for back home. Well I love you all so so so much. Have a great week and I will get a letter out to you soon. Thanks for the birthday list.
 Elder Woolbert

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