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Monday, October 10, 2011

Just another day........

Hey Everyone,
Things are going good up here. Me and my companion have a lot of fun but we are also doing good missionary work. Its funny after my last companion left the members have opened up to us more. Some of them told me they could not stand my last companion so they did not have us over because of him. I just laugh because I had to live with him for 2 months. So the new family we are teaching was a member referal. This family came to church this Sunday after only 2 lessons. They are way cool and they have been prepared by the Lord for sure. They are just ready to hear the gospel and to be baptized. We have another lesson with them tonight. We are going to commit them to baptism. So yes it's cool stuff.
 So about the packages you sent. I got them both and yes it all fits. Thank you so much. So the I-pod touch is fine to have up here. There is almost no internet access anywhere up here so don't worry. I don't want a mini I just want the touch so I can have scriptures and other church manuals on there as back up or when I am in my apartment. Lots of Elders have them and I can down load maps to the I-pod for all may areas. That's a big help.
So tell grandpa I wish him luck and I will be praying for him. That's cool that dad gave grandpa a blessing. It's funny I am kicking myself that I held the priesthood back home but I never offered dad a blessing after all the times he gave me blessings. There was a talk we had awhile ago and it talked about using your priesthood and it said something about sons blessing there fathers and it hit me. I never offered dad one. I wish I could fly home and offer him one and then come back up here. Please tell dad I am sorry for not looking beyond my self when I was at home.
So this is our cell number so Bro. Pehrson can call us when he is in Wassila. I am going to send home my boots and fleece sheets. Trust me I will be fine and there is always lots of extra sheets in the apartments and there are lots of boots the the mission home so I will be just fine. I would much rather have that stuff at home so I can have it when I get off my mission. Don't worry ok. I have thought it through many of times.
So yes I have been working out and watching what I eat. It kind of didn't happen much with my old companion but my new companion is a avid work out guy and we both eat good stuff and work out most every day. It's hard because your body puts on winter weight up here no matter what. But I am doing good and not getting bigger but slowly getting smaller. I have started taking  b12 the vitamin it boots your metabolism. Tell dad about it. They seem to do good. I hope to come home about 200 pounds and in fairly good shape. I am 235 right now. Woo it stinks ha ha ha.   Well I got to go but you all have a great week. Choose the right.
 Elder Woolbert

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