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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Companion!

Hi family and friends,
            Things are going great up here. I have my new companion his name is Elder Anderson from St. George, Utah. Ha ha ha. We get along good. We have fun and we are a lot alike. 
              We picked up a new family Saturday night to start teaching. They are cool. It was way scary tho. I have not taught a lot of lessons from Preach My Gospel and we had the family we were teaching and a member family from our ward all around us watching us teach. Way crazy but it was fun.  The priesthood conference was awesome. They did some talking on the second coming and how we are gathering Israel and stuff and all the priesthood got called to repentance.  They just said if your doing stuff wrong get your act together and repent and get your life in order and serve a mission. It was one of the most bold talks that I have ever herd. I love the prophet. He is so great to listen to. I feel the spirit every time he talks. Well I do when they all talk but I really like the prophet. 
                Mom I don't have room to carry around these big boots and fleece blankets. I promise I will be fine with out them. I want to send them home because I want to keep them and not just leave them in a missionary apartment. So when I get a chance I am sending some stuff  along with Christmas stuff.  Thank you, thank you for getting me the pants. They will be a hug help. I have been working on getting pictures of me to send home. It's just hard. I am not a photogenic person. I get that from you MOM ha ha ha. So mom you want a Christmas list from me. Well the only thing that I want is an I-pod touch to put music on. A lot of Elders have them and it is nice so you don't have to carry around CDs. The only other thing I want instead of that is emergency stuff for back home. Well I love you all so so so much. Have a great week and I will get a letter out to you soon. Thanks for the birthday list.
 Elder Woolbert

 Current Address for his area right now: 

Elder Ammon Woolbert
P.O. Box 2663
Palmer, AK 99645

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