Mission Home Address:

Elder Ammon Woolbert
Alaska Anchorage Mission
3250 Strawberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Everyone,

           This was a good week. Randy Flowerdew and his son got the preisthood and I was able to be part of it. The dad got the priesthood first and then he gave it to his son. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen and been apart of. The spirt was so strong in there. The Flowerdew's are going to be a power house family in the church. I won't be surprised if he becomes a bishop or stake president one day. I love that family. As for the other people we are teaching,they are all being pains. They are not keeping appointments so we have just been working with less actives instead. We have two Thanksgiving dinners so far. That will be great haha nothing like getting fat at the holidays. lol 
          I am loving the waether here. It is -9 outside right now. We just got some fresh snow last night maybe 2 inches or so. Yesterday it was -21. That's my new record for cold. I am rocking my Crahartt pants and cowboy boots. The members think it is awesome. President didn't care either. I am getting along good with my companion.
         I sent out a letter to you all today so you will get it sometime this week. It is sad to hear about the truck having problems. I love that thing as if it were my own. Maybe one day dad will give her to me hahaha maybe. I can dream right?
         Well I hope you all  have a great Thanksgiving and remember who gave you all everything you have. Keep up the holiday spirit and share the best thing we have with people. The Book of Mormon.

 Elder Woolbert 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello family,

            We had a good week. Not much happend but we were busy though. We got around to see alot of less actives. I like the less actives, they are fun. I talk about guns and trucks and atv's with most of them. They are my kind of people. Well most of them are. Some are just interesting. Most every one around here has an old bus that sits on their property. They use it for storage. They are good people.
            So about the Christmas stuff. You can send it up with Br. P. I can pack it don't worry. Can you send me up The Work and The Glory movies and The Other Side of Heaven and Johny Lingo movies please. We can watch those. That would be great. So you might get snow? Wow that is crazy. We don't get much snow back home. I love driving in the snow. It's so easy. You need to move to Alaska mom and drive in the snow here. I love it. Sorry I am not there to help you guys out with all the chores. I miss doing that stuff.
              So anyways I shoveled my first driveway with snow. It's a work out. It's was fun though. We have two Thanksgiving dinners planned so far. I am going to be in pain that day from all the food. I am not going to eat for a week after that. What are the elders back home doing for thanksgiving? Are the elders back home cool? Well I got to go. Have a great week. I love you all. Oh,  the Flowerdew family is doing great. Randy the husband is getting the priesthood this Sunday. I am excited. I'll talk to you later.

Elder Woolbert

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Baptism!


         So the baptism went great. The hot water was not working so the water was cold but not to cold. We had to boil water to put in the font so it would not be to bad. They all four got dunked in the water and came up happy and crying. It was sweet. On Saturday there was a special fireside in Anchorage. Jeffry R. Holland came to talk to us. It was for investigators and non-members and less actives. Before the fireside about fifty elders and a couple of sisters pilled in a primary room and Elder Holland talked to us for like 30 minutes. Then we all got to meet him and shake his hand. Oh my goodness it was flipping cool. I was sitting 5 yards away from him when he was talking. Then once he was done talking to the missonaries we had the fireside. One thing he told us Elders that stuck out to me was  he said that you don't need to worry about the second coming because you have plenty of time to get married and have kids so dont worry. I thought that was cool. Then Sunday we had the confirmation of the Flowerdew's. It was good. I cried and so did they. I had probably the best weekend of my life this last weekend. It is hard to put into words. So sorry if I don't go into detail. So we have had snow for like two or three weeks. It has been snowing off and on for the last couple days. It's cool. It holds at about 23 deg everyday or colder. I love my new boots. They are water proof and leather. They are western boots that I can just pull on. Oh I am staying in the area. I am not being transfered. I got to go. This computer is being dumb.

 Elder Woolbert