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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Baptism!


         So the baptism went great. The hot water was not working so the water was cold but not to cold. We had to boil water to put in the font so it would not be to bad. They all four got dunked in the water and came up happy and crying. It was sweet. On Saturday there was a special fireside in Anchorage. Jeffry R. Holland came to talk to us. It was for investigators and non-members and less actives. Before the fireside about fifty elders and a couple of sisters pilled in a primary room and Elder Holland talked to us for like 30 minutes. Then we all got to meet him and shake his hand. Oh my goodness it was flipping cool. I was sitting 5 yards away from him when he was talking. Then once he was done talking to the missonaries we had the fireside. One thing he told us Elders that stuck out to me was  he said that you don't need to worry about the second coming because you have plenty of time to get married and have kids so dont worry. I thought that was cool. Then Sunday we had the confirmation of the Flowerdew's. It was good. I cried and so did they. I had probably the best weekend of my life this last weekend. It is hard to put into words. So sorry if I don't go into detail. So we have had snow for like two or three weeks. It has been snowing off and on for the last couple days. It's cool. It holds at about 23 deg everyday or colder. I love my new boots. They are water proof and leather. They are western boots that I can just pull on. Oh I am staying in the area. I am not being transfered. I got to go. This computer is being dumb.

 Elder Woolbert

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