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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey Everyone,

           This was a good week. Randy Flowerdew and his son got the preisthood and I was able to be part of it. The dad got the priesthood first and then he gave it to his son. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen and been apart of. The spirt was so strong in there. The Flowerdew's are going to be a power house family in the church. I won't be surprised if he becomes a bishop or stake president one day. I love that family. As for the other people we are teaching,they are all being pains. They are not keeping appointments so we have just been working with less actives instead. We have two Thanksgiving dinners so far. That will be great haha nothing like getting fat at the holidays. lol 
          I am loving the waether here. It is -9 outside right now. We just got some fresh snow last night maybe 2 inches or so. Yesterday it was -21. That's my new record for cold. I am rocking my Crahartt pants and cowboy boots. The members think it is awesome. President didn't care either. I am getting along good with my companion.
         I sent out a letter to you all today so you will get it sometime this week. It is sad to hear about the truck having problems. I love that thing as if it were my own. Maybe one day dad will give her to me hahaha maybe. I can dream right?
         Well I hope you all  have a great Thanksgiving and remember who gave you all everything you have. Keep up the holiday spirit and share the best thing we have with people. The Book of Mormon.

 Elder Woolbert 

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