Mission Home Address:

Elder Ammon Woolbert
Alaska Anchorage Mission
3250 Strawberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good afternoon people,
          Sorry I was not able to email yesterday. All the places were shut down so today I got to email as you can tell. So Christmas morning after we talked I popped some pills and fell asleep until 11.(Ammon and his companion had the flu) We then woke up and got ready and went to church. After church we went to a members house and chilled with them for a while and then we went to our first dinner. This dinner meant the most. There is a less active woman I have been working with since I got to the area. Her husband is a non-member and all her kids are non-members too. Oh by the way this is an older couple they are in there 60s. Well I have gotten to be tight with all of them and they love having us over to eat and to talk about everything. Mostly guns and world stuff ha ha which I don't mind. But it was cool to spend Christmas with them and the lady came to church on Sunday for me. So it was really cool.  After that dinner we went to another dinner with two member families and we were there until almost eight. Then we went home and crashed. We were just too tired.  So that was my Christmas. Ha ha well I don't have to much else to talk about. I am glad you all had a good Christmas. I miss you guys so much. Have a great new year.
Love ,
Elder Woolbert

Monday, December 19, 2011

Senior Companion woot woot!

Hello good people of Camano Island. ha ha
          So transfer calls where Saturday night but before I get into that on Thursday president pulled me aside at a fire side and asked me how I was doing and if I was willing to step up and get more responsibility. Ha ha so Saturday when I got the phone call, president told me I was staying and that I was going to become senior Elder ha ha boom. I am excited. I am tired of not driving. So that was good news and I get to have Christmas here.
         So things are going good here. The weather kind of sucks. Yesterday is was 39 deg and snowing all day. We had about 4 inches of slush on the road. Then last night it froze ha ha so the roads are a little slick but they always are here. Mom you would flip out if you had to drive here ha ha but its fun though.
         So this is my second time typing this email because the computer didn't work and send the last one. So sorry. Well my companion is going to Nome. That lucky bugger gets to die in Nome. He goes home in four months. Things are good though.
         I have got all the boxes you have sent. Thank you so much. They were the bomb. But please no more candy. I am dyeing ha ha. I have put on 25 pounds already. The winter here kills me. It makes your body put on weight. So no sweets please. Thanks.
         So the Philippine young man is still on date but we are going to have to move the date. The mom will be out of town and Jay the son has not been coming to church. So we'll will be working extra hard with them to get things ready. I hope it all works out.
         We are going to be super busy on Christmas. We have like 4 houses that want us over right now. We will be busy but it will be fun. I can't wait to call home. I am excited. It has been so long since I talked to you all. It's weird. Well I hope you all have a great Christmas. Stay classy Camano Island. ha ha.

 Elder Woolbert

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello everyone,
 I had a good week. We were busy. We had a lot of people to see and help. I don't even know where to start. Monday was our p day. I don't remember what we did, I never do. Tuesday we saw some less active people and I don't know what else. Every day is kind of a blur. To much happens. Wednesday was our district meeting, and Thursday we chased the muscoxs and fixed fences. Friday I don't remember other then we helped set up the church with nativities, oh and I got to go to the temple. Its was awesome. I have not been in along time. I really enjoyed it. I have never see a church do nativities like this. Its was the bomb. Saturday we helped at the reindeer farm most of the day. It was cool then we had some lessons later on. Sunday we only had church for a hour then we were security for the nativity thing. Nothing really big happened this week. We still have one person on date to baptized so that's cool. The weather changes everyday up hear. Like yesterday it was 38 degrees and pouring rain and snow. It's stupid. It is like  Washington weather up here and I don't like it.  (Ammon loves the snow!)
So I have zone conference tomorow so I don't know how I am going to get that box from Bro P. Oh and I got Mikes letter. I am sending his letter out today. I ran out of stamps and I need to get some more. It's alright that you did not get the letter out. So I hope all is ok back home.  
So I don not know what else to say today. I am just drawing blanks. I really miss home but I freaking love it here and I love the people and what we are doing but I do don't like the rules. I miss you guys.
Please let every one know that I love them and I miss them a lot. You are in my prayers.
Elder Woolbert

Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Baptism in the making........

Hey family,
              How are ya all doing? I had a pretty good week. I was on exchanges for most of it. I taught four less active families and we had one preach my gospel lesson. And I put a boy on date to be baptized. It is the Philipino family we have been working with. Well I put her son on date. He will be baptized Jan 7th. I am excited for him. He will be a great example to his mom and siblings. I know it's bad to to have pride or to be proud of some one but I am really proud of Jay. So about the Bowser's ha ha that's funny she added you. She asked me if my mom had a Facebook account and what your name was so she could add you. I love that family. We are over there like once a week for dinner because they want us over all the time. The dad is a hunting guide and has offered to take me out on guided hunts once I am off my mission. They moved to Alaska a week before I got to Palmer ha ha. I will be sending a package home soon to you guys. It won't be a Christmas box but it will have some good stuff in there about being prepared. Dad will like it. I have not got the movies or the package from the church yet. When did they get sent out? Tell Avary that I got her letter and I am working on writing her back.
            I can't believe Christan is going on a mission. Wow that's flipin crazy. Mom what has happened since I have left?  That's really cool. Hey tell Jacob I wish him the best. Please give me his email so I can bug him and give him some tips about the mtc. Tell the Flake's they need to do the dear elder mail stuff. The first two weeks in the mtc are the hardest. I would love to hear from all my friends like David P. and Adam J.and stuff. I have not heard a word from them. I am glad every one at home is doing good. I miss all you guys alot. I really want to come home and see every one and have a normal life again but I got 18 months left. It's hard being here. It is a up and down battle every day. It's not always fun. When you teach people and see the light enter there eyes it makes it all worth it. It's still just so hard. I have become really close with a family up here. Their last name is the Mayberry's. They are so so cool. Me and the dad are like best friends. He is friends with R.K. Young and he was friends with Cleon Scousan. I don't know how to spell his name. Mom the things this man has seen and done in his life is amazing. He is very in to being prepared. He is a lot like dad just more of a goofball.  
              So I have been reading about the Gadianton Robbers in the Book of Mormon lately and dang they are still here today mom. It's crazy to read it and then you can read the news and stuff and see that they are still in the world. They have never left. It's kind of scary. Well I best be getting going. Have a great week and be safe. Bye.

 Elder Woolbert

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hey Everyone,
          How are you doing? Thanksgiving was different that's for sure. It was weird not being around family. We had five different dinners. I have never been so full in my life, it hurt. So many people wanted us over and you have to eat otherwise they get upset. But it was good. So who was all at home for thanksgiving? I am glad mom got a good turkey recipe. I tried fried turkey for the first time. That is the best ever. You need to try it really.
          My testimony has grown so much since I have left home. I don't know how to put it in words.  I remember you telling me dad about the joy I would feel from bringing some one into the gospel and how you can't put it into words. Well dad I know what your talking about. Working with the Flowerdew's has been truly amazing. I don't know how to express my feelings about it. I think the coolest and most spiritual part for me was seeing the dad get the priesthood and then him give it to his son all in the same day and I got to stand in both circles. I was just crying. Dad I have never been so happy or proud of someone in my life. You can really see the people change and the light enter their eyes when they find the gospel.  Even if I for some freak reason I get sent home tomorrow, I will never ever forget  the Flowerdew's and how amazing the teaching process was.
            So Jacob gave his farewell talk. Wow that's crazy. I can't believe he leaves soon. No one will be home when I get home. All my buddy's will be gone. That's weird. So mom there is two farms I work at. There is the reindeer farm and then there is the Muscox farm .They are both different. So anyways things are going good here. It was another slow week for teaching but we got to see a lot of people. We just didn't teach any lessons so on the number aspect of it, it looks like we didn't do anything.
Well I best be going. I love you all. Have a good week. God speed.

 Elder Woolbert