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Alaska Anchorage Mission
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Anchorage, AK 99502

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello everyone,
 I had a good week. We were busy. We had a lot of people to see and help. I don't even know where to start. Monday was our p day. I don't remember what we did, I never do. Tuesday we saw some less active people and I don't know what else. Every day is kind of a blur. To much happens. Wednesday was our district meeting, and Thursday we chased the muscoxs and fixed fences. Friday I don't remember other then we helped set up the church with nativities, oh and I got to go to the temple. Its was awesome. I have not been in along time. I really enjoyed it. I have never see a church do nativities like this. Its was the bomb. Saturday we helped at the reindeer farm most of the day. It was cool then we had some lessons later on. Sunday we only had church for a hour then we were security for the nativity thing. Nothing really big happened this week. We still have one person on date to baptized so that's cool. The weather changes everyday up hear. Like yesterday it was 38 degrees and pouring rain and snow. It's stupid. It is like  Washington weather up here and I don't like it.  (Ammon loves the snow!)
So I have zone conference tomorow so I don't know how I am going to get that box from Bro P. Oh and I got Mikes letter. I am sending his letter out today. I ran out of stamps and I need to get some more. It's alright that you did not get the letter out. So I hope all is ok back home.  
So I don not know what else to say today. I am just drawing blanks. I really miss home but I freaking love it here and I love the people and what we are doing but I do don't like the rules. I miss you guys.
Please let every one know that I love them and I miss them a lot. You are in my prayers.
Elder Woolbert

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