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Monday, December 19, 2011

Senior Companion woot woot!

Hello good people of Camano Island. ha ha
          So transfer calls where Saturday night but before I get into that on Thursday president pulled me aside at a fire side and asked me how I was doing and if I was willing to step up and get more responsibility. Ha ha so Saturday when I got the phone call, president told me I was staying and that I was going to become senior Elder ha ha boom. I am excited. I am tired of not driving. So that was good news and I get to have Christmas here.
         So things are going good here. The weather kind of sucks. Yesterday is was 39 deg and snowing all day. We had about 4 inches of slush on the road. Then last night it froze ha ha so the roads are a little slick but they always are here. Mom you would flip out if you had to drive here ha ha but its fun though.
         So this is my second time typing this email because the computer didn't work and send the last one. So sorry. Well my companion is going to Nome. That lucky bugger gets to die in Nome. He goes home in four months. Things are good though.
         I have got all the boxes you have sent. Thank you so much. They were the bomb. But please no more candy. I am dyeing ha ha. I have put on 25 pounds already. The winter here kills me. It makes your body put on weight. So no sweets please. Thanks.
         So the Philippine young man is still on date but we are going to have to move the date. The mom will be out of town and Jay the son has not been coming to church. So we'll will be working extra hard with them to get things ready. I hope it all works out.
         We are going to be super busy on Christmas. We have like 4 houses that want us over right now. We will be busy but it will be fun. I can't wait to call home. I am excited. It has been so long since I talked to you all. It's weird. Well I hope you all have a great Christmas. Stay classy Camano Island. ha ha.

 Elder Woolbert

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