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Monday, January 9, 2012

Church Volleyball

Hey People back home,

This week was fairly good. We were able to see some less-actives and we got out to see one of our investigators that we have not been able to see in a while. Ha ha. We almost got stuck on the way to his house. The last couple days it has snowed both days and we have almost a foot of new snow and all the back roads don't really get plowed. It's always fun driving in that stuff, but I have not got the truck stuck yet. It's probably because I am a pro driver. Yes that must be what it is. Ha ha.
We have started playing volleyball on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Wednesday at 3:00 we play with the youth and they bring nonmembers and less actives out. It's way cool. On Fridays we play at 7:00 at night with the adults and we do the same thing. We have found a lot of success in this. My companion and I get the most people to come and play almost every week. I am hoping they keep doing this after I leave. Sports are a good way to get people comfortable with the church and elders so we can teach them. 
So I tried to ride a muskox but I spooked it and it ran off so I will try again this week. Ha ha .It will be fun. My companion and I are doing good. We don't always see eye to eye but that's normal. He is just a typical Utah kid that really does not know anything and has never been anywhere without at least 200 other Mormons ya know. Ha ha. Plus he likes to argue with everyone but he never wins. Lol. But he is fun. So mom I am doing good. I know you always ask how I am doing and it's because you’re worried about your only little baby boy but I am fine. No worries. I did get the box of vitamins, thank you. They seem to be helping. I think I have enough vitamins to last the rest of my mission. Lol. 
            We do also go to ward council. It's not very fun but we go. I kind of find it a waste of time up here because the ward does not really care. Their missionary fire is not lit. It is totally out. I have tried and tried but I don't know how to help them. 
            I am sorry to hear Dad and Caitlin are not feeling well.  That is not good. I have been fighting a cold the last couple days to it sucks. I hope you all get to feeling better soon. So I am working on sending some pictures home soon. I just have a hard time taking pictures anymore because I don't bring my camera with me. I can't leave it in the truck because its  -16 outside and it ruins the camera. I will try and get you a memory card soon ok Mom. 
            Well I best be getting off now. I hope you all have a good week. Oh I forgot I sent a message to your email mom and it has a picture of a place that is about 2 hours from me. They have been getting pounded with snow. Right now they have over 28 feet of snow this year. They get the most snow out of any other place that is sea level in the world. Ha ha. It is called Valdez. Well God speed family and friends. 

Elder Woolbert

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