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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Family,

           So I got your letters on Saturday and I haven't gotten the box yet. In the letter you asked if I would like business cards. Ha ha heck ya that would be cool to give to people. So our new years was really lame. Maybe one of the most lame ever. We had to be back at our apartment at seven, and we just did nothing. There was no girl to kiss or anything at midnight. How lame. We missed all the hoppin parties. So that was our new year and then we had early morning church at nine. Dang morning church. Ha ha I miss church at 1:00. We are always so busy on Sundays .It is supposed to be a day of rest but not for elders. Doggone. 
            It has been a pretty cold week here in Palmer. It has been cold every day. Right now is it -18 with the sun shining and it is almost three in the afternoon. Crazy ha ha. I love it though. We had two big lessons this last week and they all flippin fell threw at the last moment. One of them, the guy didn't even show up. It was frustrating. So we just saw some more less actives and ya not very even full. Oh but I did get charged by a muscox and I also slapped it on the butt pretty hard. Ha ha. This week I am going to try and ride one. If I ride a bull a guy that works there will give me 15 dollars. That's good money as long as the bull don't kill me ha ha.
           Well I hope this will be a better week for us. I hope the lessons don't fall through. I hope you all have a good week and strive to be the best you can be always.

Elder Woolbert

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