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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good Week!!!

Dear Family,

We had a really good week. We had more lessons this week then we have had in a long time. Our efforts are paying off. We also picked up a new investigator, so that's pretty cool. Our teaching pool is growing too. So that Philipino family is doing great. The mom just got back from her trip and it made a big difference in her life. She is so much happier now and is doing good. She texted us the day she got home and said, Elders me and my husband want to be baptized and sealed in the temple. I was totally blown away. Ha-ha. It was so good to hear. The only problem is that the husband does not get home until April. I won't be here, ugh, but the son is going to wait and be baptized with the mom and dad. I am really excited for them. I hope we have another good week. Things are going good. We had a lesson set up this morning at the church but the guy didn't show up so that sucked but oh well we will catch him another day. He won't get off that easy.  Ha-ha.

So I have not ridden the muskox yet. I probably will on Thursday. We got a whole bunch of snow this last weekend and then the wind came in last night and blew all the powder away but we still have lots of ice and snow. Woo. I was laughing when you said you got snow and everyone was freaking out. My goodness. I drive on ice and snow all day long it’s no big deal. It's fun because I can do burn outs and donuts in the church parking lot. Ha-ha. We have competitions with other elders. Shhhhh lol.  I hope you guys are staying warm and safe though. I worry about you and Lindsay driving. Dad is a good driver so I am not worried about him.  Just remember to not be all tensed up. Just relax when you’re driving and it's all good. Sorry I can't email very long I only get a short time to email back. 

Mom, I have not seen the northern lights yet. I want to see them so bad but I have not seen them. I also have not got the cards yet with my info in them, so I hope I get that soon. People keep asking me for my info before I leave. I sent out a letter last week you should be getting it soon. Well I got to get going. Love you all. Drive safely. Lol.


Elder Woolbert 

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