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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Area!!!

Hey Family,

I am doing good. The big news of the week is that I am transferring. I am going to Juneau. Ha ha. I am excited but sad. I love the ward as in like it was my own family but I hear lots of good things about my new area. My companion is going to be Elder Winterrose. Ha ha. It's funny because when I went to the Seattle temple for the first time and I was renting my clothes I met a lady and she asked me where I was going on my mission. I told her Alaska and well she got all excited and told me her nephew was up there on a mission and his name is Elder Winterrose and she wanted me to tell him hi lol. Small world huh? I will be covering two wards. A YSA (Young Single Adult) ward and a family ward. It will be fun. It is a lot warmer down there then it is here. Yesterday it was -25.
I don't know what I want for my birthday. A new rifle would be great. Ha ha. But really I have no idea. Money is really nice. I am trying to save up my money for a 300 dollar Seal and Otter fur hat. Ha ha. It's so cool and it is warm. I am saving money so I will just take money for my b-day. I am flying to Juneau so I have to down size all my stuff so I can't really get more things to hall around with me ya know. I have not seen the Northern lights yet. We did not get told about the light show until after it was over. I was mad.
That made my day when you told me about Tayla. Ha ha. It was funny. That dog is lucky to be alive. Wow, I kind of miss her. Ha ha.  Yes, Sister Bowser told me about the missionary info card thing. It really sucks cuz I have a lot of people that wanted my info so I have just been writing it on paper and giving it to them. Ha ha. I feel like a hobo.  Anyways I don't know what else to say. We got to see a lot of people this week but it was mostly saying good bye to everyone. Nothing really crazy. I have dinner with the Phipilino lady and her family tonight so that will be good. She can cook some good food. Wooooo. That's how I have put on freaking 30 pounds. Ha ha.  Well I got to get going. I am washing clothes and packing and stuff today. I am sending home two boxes one full of clothes and the other full of letters. Don't read my letters. Ha ha. Well have a good week.


Elder Woolbert

                                                              Juneau, Alaska

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