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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Church is TRUE!!!

Dear Family,

This week was good just nothing overly exciting.  It's hard to write about the same things over and over each week. We had lessons with people and taught them the gospel and we went to church. I have 6 hours of church every Sunday. It's way hard to stay focused. We have the Young Single Adult ward first. Then we have a meeting and then we go to the second ward. We don't get out of church until 4:30 or so. It is a killer that’s for sure. Ha-ha. So the weather has been alright this week. It snows off and on but it is too warm out that it melts, but today we woke up to 2 inches of snow and it has been snowing most of the morning. We will see how long it lasts.

So we did not have a baptism this weekend. The girl is doing stupid stuff so we are trying to meet with her and see what’s going on but she is avoiding us, so she probably won’t get baptized for a while. Oh well. We have lots of other people to teach. I don't have any really cool stories. My mission is not as exciting as Brazil. It's just a laid back area and we are just doing our missionary thing you know.

Well on a happy note, I know the church is true. I like Juneau. It is so much like home. The people seem pretty cool, but the girls here are weird because they are so desperate for guys. Ha-ha. It's sad. This is the area of all the Liberals in Alaska. It's tree hugger capital so that explains it. Ha-ha. Well I best get going. We get to play some volleyball. We play twice a week. I am getting pretty good. I could beat Avary any day. Ha ha ha boom. That’s right Avary; I said I can beat you at volleyball. Ha-ha. Well you all have a good week. 

Elder Woolbert

             This is the Bowser family. Elder Woolbert was always over at their home when he was in Palmer.

Elder Woolbert's first baptism!

Apparently suspenders are cool?!

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