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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can still play a prank from Alaska!!!

Hey Family,

            I got the suit on Thursday or Wednesday I am not sure. Thank you so so so much for that. You are the best mom ever. Love ya. So this last week has been freaking nuts. Monday we had p-day and Tuesday Elders from all over our zone started to fly in for zone conference. We had to find places for them to eat and sleep and stuff for them to do. More flew in on Wednesday. Then Thursday we had training in the morning from President B. then a zone p-day after that. Then on Friday we had zone conference. That was cool but flippin heck it was long. My butt hurt from sitting all day but it was still fun. Oh ya and on Thursday we all went to a place called Boya Grill. They have a burrito challenge and a burger challenge. Well one person from every district had to compete so somehow I got put in for my district. I did the burrito challenge. They say it’s only a five pound burrito ha-ha ya right they totally lied. This was like a good ten pound burrito. It was the size of two new born babies. Ha-ha. I don't have any pictures but other people do. Well to make the story short, I failed and so did everyone else. There was no way to finish that monster. We all wanted to throw up after that. Ha-ha. Good times.

So I need to level with you all about my companion. His grandpa really is Chuck Norris but it’s not the Chuck Norris your thinking of. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. He is just a normal guy with the same name. Sorry to let you down but it was pretty funny. I can still pull off a prank even when I am in Alaska. lol. Sorry but I just could not resist. 

Yes mom I will look at Costco for you and see if they have that coconut stuff. I know how you love it and the otia drink recipe I sent you, it's really good and it is supper simple. When I call for Mother's days ask me about it and I will talk you threw it if you have any questions. I think the people in Utah would like it and yes I have had otia a lot. Ha-ha. It's our favorite thing to drink. (I have the recipe if anyone would like it.)

So don't worry mom about the bears. I'm not stupid. I don't want to get ate by no bear either. I just like to joke around with you mom because you get so worried sometimes it just kind of funny. lol. Sorry. So I think Tanner got back yesterday from his trip. I am not sure but we will see him this week. So Rosalia the Philippine lady is doing good. Her husband just got back home this week from Afghanistan. She calls me and texts me all the time. It's kind of funny ha-ha. I am going to have her call you or email you some time. They are so cool. I love them. She was like Elder Woolbert you are family, you come back anytime to my house, you call me whenever ok. She has the Philippine accent. It's funny. 

I was told that some other people that I was working with in Palmer got baptized too. A man and his son got baptized. It was way cool because me and Elder Anderson were the ones that started teaching them and they were ready to get baptized right when I was leaving. But it's cool. Oh so I keep forgetting to tell you, you know that place in St. George that has all the dead animals in there from the guy who hunted all around the world and it is just full of his trophy animals? We have been there a couple of times. Well I know that guy who owns that and was the one that killed most of the animals. Ha-ha. I know his son they are in my ward. Lol. His son has hunting and fishing guide service. They are way cool people. He told me that I can come back anytime and give them a call and they will take us out. He will even give us a big discount. Just thought I would let you know. Their last name is Rosenburk. I think I spelled it wrong. 

So anyways that is most everything that I have to say. Oh and I have done some sight-seeing. I have been to the glacier several times now and I have walked out on the frozen lake to get really close to it. I got some sweet pictures. I will send my memory card home soon. Well have a great week you all. Mosiah  2:41. That's my scripture of the week.


Elder Woolbert

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Companion!

Hey Family and Friends,

            How are you all doing? So I got my new companion last Monday night. His name is Elder NORRIS. His grandpa is Chuck Norris. NO JOKE. It's pretty funny. People up here are so funny. Ha ha. They try to make jokes about his name all the time and they fail horribly.  So my companion is from California. Really close to L.A . He is way fun. I am so happy to have him as a companion and we work really well together. My last companion was not good. So it's all good now. He is only a transfer older then me so we are really close in mission age. I think that helps a lot. It has finally been nice most of last week. It has been so long since we have had nice sunny days. It's hard to want to do mission work on those days because all you want to do is go play at the beach and go hike and stuff.

So the work in the area is going well. Tanner left Sunday for a week to play baseball in Arizona so we will try and do some phone lessons with him. He is doing good. We picked up a new investigator this week and we are seeing a lot of part member families. They are gold mines. The Young Single Adult ward has been doing good in bringing friends and stuff to church. So Saturday night my Bishop called us on the way to dinner and was like hey the speaker we had for Sunday can't make it to church so you and your comp need to give talks in church tomorrow for ten minutes a piece. So I some how pulled a talk together and I talked about the blessings of the gospel and how we need to share that with our friends and family and I invited them all to ponder up names of people they know and to pray about them and to invite them to learn about the church. It went well I thought. I talked about dad in my talk and how he told me the joy of serving a mission and teaching a person and seeing them change their lives and turn it to Christ and be baptized is one of the most amazing feelings you can ever have and the peace and joy it will bring you cannot be put into words. Well I talked about that and I said brothers and sisters I know how my father felt and the joy that came to him from sharing the gospel and you all can feel that same joy because the prophet has said every member a missionary. I don't know if that made sense at all in the email but it made sense in my talk. Ha ha.

This area (Juneau) is a hot spot for bears. People see lots of brown and black bears here all the time. So I kind of have my head on a swivel because they are all coming out of winter sleep. Ha. I can't wait to see one though. We carry around bear mace when we are out in the woods and stuff. I am not too worried. We also have some members that want to take us out gold panning. Ha ha. I am so jacked for that. I think it would be cool to get gold.

Well I do not have much else to write about. Have a great week and watch out for bears. Ha ha.

Elder Woolbert

Monday, March 12, 2012

Listen to the Holy Ghost!

Hey Family and Friends,

            How are you all doing? I was really sad to hear about that new family and what happened to them. No parent should have to deal with the loss of their child like that and then have the freaking media all over them. I will be sure to pray for them. They are going to need all the help they can get. A time like this is when you really fall back on your testimony and our faith in Jesus Christ.

So this week was not good for mission work. My companion turned into a pile the last two weeks of his mission before he went home. Nothing really happened. I am so glad he is gone now. He was ready to go home. I liked him but being with him that long and at the end of his mission was bad. He left this morning and my new comp flies in tonight. I heard good things about him. So Tanner was supposed to get baptized this last Saturday but at the last minute his parents said no. So we are working with him still and he is a great kid we are just waiting for his parents to come around you know? He is only 16 too. So that's the mission work here the only thing worth reporting this week. Sorry.

I want to send you home with a lot of good fresh fish. I am working on getting you a bunch of halibut but if I do get it I will sent it by cold fright down to the Seattle airport and you will have to pick it up there. It costs way too much to ship a fifty pound box to the house. It would be over 150 dollars. Just FYI. So anyways today is finally a nice day. It has not been nice in a long time. I have not seen to many nice places in Juneau because my companion didn't want to go anywhere or do anything but I will see a lot more this transfer. I will send you home pictures.

I am glad Sister Jensen liked the letter. I just get the feeling to write random people sometimes and I felt like I needed to write her about Adam. I guess the Holy Spirit was guiding me. ha. I think the Holy Ghost is always giving us ideas and guiding us in our lives but the hard part is listening to it and knowing that it is the Holy Ghost not just your mind making things up. It has been something that I have been learning on my mission. When we do follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost good things normally happen. Tell Avary I am proud of her for giving a good talk.

So I don't have to much more to say right now. Hope you all have a good week. Make sure you stand in holy places and always and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Talk to you all later. Bye

Elder Woolbert

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Family,

I don't know if you will have a big fat email like you want but I will do my best to fill you in on my week. So this week our mission president came down here on Tuesday for some training with the wards and to do a fireside. Then the next day we did some missionary training and we had our interviews. I hate interviews. Ha ha. I always have and probably always will. This one didn't go too bad though. We talked about a lot of stuff and I didn't get in trouble for anything this time. Woo! That's a first. Ha ha. You should look up my mission president on YouTube. He has a lot of videos of him flying jets and stuff. It's cool. His name is John Beesley. Just in case you are interested.

So that young man, Tanner, is doing good. He might get baptized this Saturday or another time. He knows the church is true and it has brought so much joy and happiness into his life but man is Satan working hard to bring him down. I have never seen him work so hard on someone before. I feel bad for Tanner. We meet with him almost every day because he needs the help and the strength of the Holy Ghost with him. He will get baptized though, I know he will. He will do great things in life if he becomes a member. We have like five other people we are teaching too but they are not as golden as Tanner and we don't get to see them as often but things are going good.

I have had some really hard days lately. It happens to every missionary. You just get burnt out and want to be done and go home. It can get pretty bad some times. Dang that Satan! I am so thankful for prayer and how powerful it is. The times we don't want to pray are the times we need to pray the most. That's one thing I am learning on my mission. There is never a bad time for a prayer. God wants to hear from us always.

Tell Avary she is awesome and that she is doing good at driving the tractor. I made a little farm girl out of her. Ha ha. My job is complete! Ha ha. Tell her she can never get stuck in that tractor. You have a back-hoe to get yourself out. She should also take a different path in the cow pasture every time so she doesn't make huge ruts and stuff. Oh and when is Lindsay's birthday? So did the shirts fit dad?

I will get you the recipe for the ottie drink as soon as they teach me how to make it. Ha ha. Be patient mom. Ha ha. Hmm….I remember you telling me that all the time now I can say it to you ha ha. Just joking. You're still my momma. There is a lot of Polynesians here and I love them. They are some of the nicest people in the world. It will be sad when I go home and there is none around. One of the families here said I can come back up here and they will find me a good cutie Tongan girl to marry because I told them I want to marry a Polynesian girl and they got really excited. Ha ha. I don't know if that will happen though. They are just good fun loving people.

Well I got to get rolling. Love you all. Oh and living with four Elders is fun but it sucks at times too. They are the Zone leaders and they get upset often. Ha ha. They are big moody girls but they are still fun. And I keep my side of the house clean mom. You should be proud. Ha ha. I hate a dirty bathroom and stuff. Well peace out and have a great week.

Elder Woolbert