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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Family,

I don't know if you will have a big fat email like you want but I will do my best to fill you in on my week. So this week our mission president came down here on Tuesday for some training with the wards and to do a fireside. Then the next day we did some missionary training and we had our interviews. I hate interviews. Ha ha. I always have and probably always will. This one didn't go too bad though. We talked about a lot of stuff and I didn't get in trouble for anything this time. Woo! That's a first. Ha ha. You should look up my mission president on YouTube. He has a lot of videos of him flying jets and stuff. It's cool. His name is John Beesley. Just in case you are interested.

So that young man, Tanner, is doing good. He might get baptized this Saturday or another time. He knows the church is true and it has brought so much joy and happiness into his life but man is Satan working hard to bring him down. I have never seen him work so hard on someone before. I feel bad for Tanner. We meet with him almost every day because he needs the help and the strength of the Holy Ghost with him. He will get baptized though, I know he will. He will do great things in life if he becomes a member. We have like five other people we are teaching too but they are not as golden as Tanner and we don't get to see them as often but things are going good.

I have had some really hard days lately. It happens to every missionary. You just get burnt out and want to be done and go home. It can get pretty bad some times. Dang that Satan! I am so thankful for prayer and how powerful it is. The times we don't want to pray are the times we need to pray the most. That's one thing I am learning on my mission. There is never a bad time for a prayer. God wants to hear from us always.

Tell Avary she is awesome and that she is doing good at driving the tractor. I made a little farm girl out of her. Ha ha. My job is complete! Ha ha. Tell her she can never get stuck in that tractor. You have a back-hoe to get yourself out. She should also take a different path in the cow pasture every time so she doesn't make huge ruts and stuff. Oh and when is Lindsay's birthday? So did the shirts fit dad?

I will get you the recipe for the ottie drink as soon as they teach me how to make it. Ha ha. Be patient mom. Ha ha. Hmm….I remember you telling me that all the time now I can say it to you ha ha. Just joking. You're still my momma. There is a lot of Polynesians here and I love them. They are some of the nicest people in the world. It will be sad when I go home and there is none around. One of the families here said I can come back up here and they will find me a good cutie Tongan girl to marry because I told them I want to marry a Polynesian girl and they got really excited. Ha ha. I don't know if that will happen though. They are just good fun loving people.

Well I got to get rolling. Love you all. Oh and living with four Elders is fun but it sucks at times too. They are the Zone leaders and they get upset often. Ha ha. They are big moody girls but they are still fun. And I keep my side of the house clean mom. You should be proud. Ha ha. I hate a dirty bathroom and stuff. Well peace out and have a great week.

Elder Woolbert

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