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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can still play a prank from Alaska!!!

Hey Family,

            I got the suit on Thursday or Wednesday I am not sure. Thank you so so so much for that. You are the best mom ever. Love ya. So this last week has been freaking nuts. Monday we had p-day and Tuesday Elders from all over our zone started to fly in for zone conference. We had to find places for them to eat and sleep and stuff for them to do. More flew in on Wednesday. Then Thursday we had training in the morning from President B. then a zone p-day after that. Then on Friday we had zone conference. That was cool but flippin heck it was long. My butt hurt from sitting all day but it was still fun. Oh ya and on Thursday we all went to a place called Boya Grill. They have a burrito challenge and a burger challenge. Well one person from every district had to compete so somehow I got put in for my district. I did the burrito challenge. They say it’s only a five pound burrito ha-ha ya right they totally lied. This was like a good ten pound burrito. It was the size of two new born babies. Ha-ha. I don't have any pictures but other people do. Well to make the story short, I failed and so did everyone else. There was no way to finish that monster. We all wanted to throw up after that. Ha-ha. Good times.

So I need to level with you all about my companion. His grandpa really is Chuck Norris but it’s not the Chuck Norris your thinking of. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. He is just a normal guy with the same name. Sorry to let you down but it was pretty funny. I can still pull off a prank even when I am in Alaska. lol. Sorry but I just could not resist. 

Yes mom I will look at Costco for you and see if they have that coconut stuff. I know how you love it and the otia drink recipe I sent you, it's really good and it is supper simple. When I call for Mother's days ask me about it and I will talk you threw it if you have any questions. I think the people in Utah would like it and yes I have had otia a lot. Ha-ha. It's our favorite thing to drink. (I have the recipe if anyone would like it.)

So don't worry mom about the bears. I'm not stupid. I don't want to get ate by no bear either. I just like to joke around with you mom because you get so worried sometimes it just kind of funny. lol. Sorry. So I think Tanner got back yesterday from his trip. I am not sure but we will see him this week. So Rosalia the Philippine lady is doing good. Her husband just got back home this week from Afghanistan. She calls me and texts me all the time. It's kind of funny ha-ha. I am going to have her call you or email you some time. They are so cool. I love them. She was like Elder Woolbert you are family, you come back anytime to my house, you call me whenever ok. She has the Philippine accent. It's funny. 

I was told that some other people that I was working with in Palmer got baptized too. A man and his son got baptized. It was way cool because me and Elder Anderson were the ones that started teaching them and they were ready to get baptized right when I was leaving. But it's cool. Oh so I keep forgetting to tell you, you know that place in St. George that has all the dead animals in there from the guy who hunted all around the world and it is just full of his trophy animals? We have been there a couple of times. Well I know that guy who owns that and was the one that killed most of the animals. Ha-ha. I know his son they are in my ward. Lol. His son has hunting and fishing guide service. They are way cool people. He told me that I can come back anytime and give them a call and they will take us out. He will even give us a big discount. Just thought I would let you know. Their last name is Rosenburk. I think I spelled it wrong. 

So anyways that is most everything that I have to say. Oh and I have done some sight-seeing. I have been to the glacier several times now and I have walked out on the frozen lake to get really close to it. I got some sweet pictures. I will send my memory card home soon. Well have a great week you all. Mosiah  2:41. That's my scripture of the week.


Elder Woolbert

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