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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Companion!

Hey Family and Friends,

            How are you all doing? So I got my new companion last Monday night. His name is Elder NORRIS. His grandpa is Chuck Norris. NO JOKE. It's pretty funny. People up here are so funny. Ha ha. They try to make jokes about his name all the time and they fail horribly.  So my companion is from California. Really close to L.A . He is way fun. I am so happy to have him as a companion and we work really well together. My last companion was not good. So it's all good now. He is only a transfer older then me so we are really close in mission age. I think that helps a lot. It has finally been nice most of last week. It has been so long since we have had nice sunny days. It's hard to want to do mission work on those days because all you want to do is go play at the beach and go hike and stuff.

So the work in the area is going well. Tanner left Sunday for a week to play baseball in Arizona so we will try and do some phone lessons with him. He is doing good. We picked up a new investigator this week and we are seeing a lot of part member families. They are gold mines. The Young Single Adult ward has been doing good in bringing friends and stuff to church. So Saturday night my Bishop called us on the way to dinner and was like hey the speaker we had for Sunday can't make it to church so you and your comp need to give talks in church tomorrow for ten minutes a piece. So I some how pulled a talk together and I talked about the blessings of the gospel and how we need to share that with our friends and family and I invited them all to ponder up names of people they know and to pray about them and to invite them to learn about the church. It went well I thought. I talked about dad in my talk and how he told me the joy of serving a mission and teaching a person and seeing them change their lives and turn it to Christ and be baptized is one of the most amazing feelings you can ever have and the peace and joy it will bring you cannot be put into words. Well I talked about that and I said brothers and sisters I know how my father felt and the joy that came to him from sharing the gospel and you all can feel that same joy because the prophet has said every member a missionary. I don't know if that made sense at all in the email but it made sense in my talk. Ha ha.

This area (Juneau) is a hot spot for bears. People see lots of brown and black bears here all the time. So I kind of have my head on a swivel because they are all coming out of winter sleep. Ha. I can't wait to see one though. We carry around bear mace when we are out in the woods and stuff. I am not too worried. We also have some members that want to take us out gold panning. Ha ha. I am so jacked for that. I think it would be cool to get gold.

Well I do not have much else to write about. Have a great week and watch out for bears. Ha ha.

Elder Woolbert

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