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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


People back home,
         How are you? I am doing well. We had a good week in little old Juneau Alaska. We had a baptism on Saturday. That went very, very well but it was way stressful too. The investigator was running late and kept not coming to the interviews and all that. We were way stressed Saturday. Plus he didn't show up to church on Sunday until almost the end or Sacrament. Oh my goodness it was stressful but so rewarding at the same time. You really can't put into words how you feel being able to teach some one about the church and their Savior and see them change their lives to follow the example of Jesus Christ and then get baptised. I felt to blessed to be apart of something so amazing. I am so thankful for moments like that. That's what makes a mission worth it. During the baptism it was all I could do to keep from crying but I was just praying to Heavenly Father thanking him for letting me be part of this and having the baptism work out. I was just so overcome with emotions. It's something I will always remember. 
         So Saturday was transfer calls. My companion is leaving to go back to Anchorage. He is training a new guy. I am really sad about that. I really liked my companion and we did a lot of good work together and every one loved us, but I am getting another cool companion. His name is Elder Satini. He is from Tonga. haha. He is fun. We get along good. We have been friends since I got to the mission. So it will be fun. Plus fishing season starts really soon. I can't wait to use my new fishing reel. Woo it's nice. haha. That's what I bought from my favorite store, Cabela's. Sorry I have not sent out the SD cards yet. I thought I would keep them until after the baptism so you could see those pictures to. I will do my best to send it this week. 

         So that girl is still getting baptised on the 4th of May. She is a good girl and is so ready for the gospel. We are excited. Well I hope all goes well for Nan's funueral. Tell everyone I love them and miss them. I am having fun and doing my best to be a good missionary. Have a great week.

Elder Woolbert

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