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Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey Family and Friends,

We had a pretty good week I think. We picked up a new investigator and we watched General Conference. Conference was so good. I liked how all of it was about families and what not. It really shows you how important families are in the Church. The world is out to destroy the family and drive us away from each other. I like Elder Uchtdorf's talk about not holding grudges and judging others. His motto was just simple, STOP IT. It truly is just as simple as that. We make the choice to hold a grudge or judge others. It's not our place to do that. It is something I need to work on for sure. There were just so many good things that were shared with us. We had one investigator come watch conference with us at the Church and she started recording it with her iPhone because she liked it so much and she though it was a one-time deal. Lol. She didn't know you can watch them online. It was kind of cool to see that though. 

All of the investigators we are working with are doing good. Tanner is way good. He is having a hard time with some stuff at home but we are working with him and he keeps putting more trust and faith in the Lord. He will be a great missionary after he gets baptized. So the Philippino family is well, Rosalie texted me the other day and told me her son Jay got baptized and he really wanted me to know about it. I was way excited. Rosalie and her husband are going to get baptized soon I guess to. They are so cool. So far three people from Palmer that I was working with got baptized. Woo!

I will be sending a SD card home this week. It is full of pictures. I filled it up this week so ya I hope you like the pictures. Have you got a box yet? There is a family in Palmer that is supposed to be sending you something. You will have to see what it is when you get it. It's way cool. Anyways I am way excited for fishing season. It is taking too long to get here. I just want to catch a 50 pound king and totally show it off because only in the coolest mission in the world can you do that. AKA Alaska. Ha-ha!

So that's cool that Avary moved into my room. I don't care. She is not allowed to paint the walls purple though. So my big TV gave up the ghost? Dang that's crazy. O well. Hey be sure to tell Nan I love her very much and that we will see each other again. This is not the end only the beginning. So grandpa Bloom has back problems? I hope I don't get that way when I get old. Ha-ha. Poor guy. Love ya Gramps.  

         Well I do not have much else to say. Have a good week. Remember who you are and stand in holy places.


Elder Woolbert

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