Mission Home Address:

Elder Ammon Woolbert
Alaska Anchorage Mission
3250 Strawberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey Family and people from home,

          My companion and I had a good week but it seemed long at times. But that's like every week. On the way to emails this morning just down from the place where we live there was a momma moose on the side of the road in the trees and when we got closer to look she had two very new calves with her. That was cool to see. I would guess she had them this last week. So we got some cool up close pictures.

           Well not too much happened this week. I benched 280 pounds twice on Wednesday. That was cool. Then on Saturday we went to help out at a marathon. Haha. That was fun. We were there from 7 in the morning until around 2 in the afternoon. We had to leave because we had other things to do, but I
got a t-shirt out of it and I got two medals. Haha.  Then Saturday night and Sunday night we had two firesides. The one on Saturday was my favorite. The speakers where Micheal Maclane and Hank Smith. Micheal Maclane is the guy who wrote and directed Mr. Krouger's Christmas. Your favorite movie mom. He spoke to us. Dang he was funny. He gave his whole talk from the piano. He is also a singer and song writer. So he would play us music and talk about the church and the meaning of his songs.  He gave some of his life stories. He said the reason he was on the piano giving a talk is because everything is better with background music. It sets the tone. Haha. I wish I could have recorded it. Then Sunday night we had another fireside. That one was cool too but I didn't like it nearly as much as the other one. So it was a good weekend.
           We are hoping to have a better teaching week this week. No one is ever home in the summer
 time. Everyone in Alaska leaves like all summer. I don't blame them though. So if you could get Br. P to bring up my pistal that would be good. That's the only thing I need right now. I hate hiking without a dang gun but I doubt you will actually send it to me. It would be nice though.
            Just tell the people in Utah I say hi. One of my old companions lives in St. George and he is off his mission now. I wish I could go see him. Oh I guess I will when I get home.
             So I was the one that knocked on Sara's door and she did not get to it. But the other Elder's went back that day and talked to her. The Elder's in her area are way good guys and I like them a lot but I will try and get out to meet her one of these
(Sara is Dan and Noreen Edmond's duaghter)
            Well I got to get going. I don't have much time left. Thanks for the box and the letters and the pictures of Lindsay. You guys are the best. Have a great week.

   Elder Woolbert

Hey People from home,

          Sorry I didn't email you last week. I emailed in the morning and I fished the rest of the day and I didn't see my email until today. Everybody has to take their time in Anchorage and now it is my turn. My new companion is Elder Blackhurst. We get along way good. We have a lot of fun. I have not laughed as much as I have with him then in the last 6 months combined. We have the smallest area in the whole mission. I am in the Jewel Lake ward. It's an okay ward.  I have never been in a ward like this before.  It's mostly all apartments. We have a lot more work to do in this ward. We stay pretty busy. My district is cool as well. We are very close. Me and my companion have been studying the gospel so much more. There is a lot more to the gospel than what I thought. I am starting to get it now. I don't know how to describe it but dad will understand. Ha-ha. Dad we will have some serious talks when I get home. So I am glad you got the boxes. The fish weighted about 18 pounds and was about 33 inches long. It was a nice fish but I still want something bigger. Ha-ha. I hope you liked the smoked salmon.

         The bear picture. So we were very close to the bear. It was just off the side of the road. And it was a little bear. It was maybe 100 pounds or 150. So you can send my letters to the mission office because the office is about 2 hundred yards from my house I am living in. We stop by there every day. So send my stuff there.

          Well we had a baptism this last Saturday. I got to teach the kid only once. But it was still cool to be able to be a part of the baptism. Oh and I am on a very short time limit here for emailing. You only get an hour to email here and the computer is really really slow so I will keep me emails short and I won’t get so many emails out to you all. Ok sorry. Oh and I can't look up Dan's daughter if I do not have a last name or an address. Their names do not do anything for me. Sorry. 

Well I hope you all have great week. I love you all and I am doing good and following the rules.

Love always,

Elder Woolbert

Hey good people from home,

            This was a good but very slow week. It rained some days and had some way nice days too. The nice days helped out a lot. The zone leaders were out of town visiting other Elders. That was so nice to have them gone and it just is me and my companion. We had a bunch of lessons set and a lot fell through which makes for slow days. But other than that things were way good. I saw another bear. We were at a house visiting and this good size black bear came walking up to the house. My companion and I were standing at the back door and we were about a foot away from the bear. It was cool. Sorry my camera was in the car outside where the bear was and I didn't feel up to playing tag with the bear so no pictures ha ha ha. I hope you can forgive me of that mom. 

The lesson went well with the young kids. The parents were very nice but they are always sick or complaining about something. Ha-ha. I just want to tell the people to buck up and get over it. But the boy was very good in the lesson and knew a lot more then we figured and he shocked the parents by how much he knew. It was cool. They didn't come to church though. Not cool. Oh well there is always next week.

            So something else cool that happened this week was that we helped roast two pigs over a fire. Ha-ha. It was cool. It was for a big party. One of the Tongan's had a kid get baptized so they cooked a pig. I am really really liking Tongan food. They make good stuff. I really want to go to Tonga now and visit. All the Tongans think it's funny to see a white boy like their Tongan food so much and eat like a Tongan. 

            Well transfers are this next week. I am not all excited about it. I really like my companion and we are starting to see the fruits or our labors. I don't want to leave before that. Also I just bought my fishing license and I got all the gear you sent up and fishing season is just starting. Ha-ha. I don't want to miss out on that by getting transferred. So we will see what happens.

            I was laughing so hard about Norman getting out of the fence. I had to go fix the fence all the time. It's time it comes back to you all. You can feel my pain. Ha-ha. I think I would have just shot the cow and butchered him myself by now. We probably should have stayed with just white face cows and not bring in Black Angus. Lol. Oh well.

            Well thanks so much for all the love and support you all give me. Thanks for the socks and the fishing gear. It is all that I needed thanks. I hope you all have a good week and be safe.

Elder Woolbert

Hey Family and Friends,

Before I forget I will take care of your questions. Transfers are in two. So as for sending me anything well if you had a million bucks lying around not doing much I could use that. Haha. Other than that just the fishing gear and some black socks. They don't have to be gold toe and they can be black ankle socks if you want.  I just need something black on my feet. I got Lindsay's letter. I am still in shock that my little sister is done with high school and going to college. I feel old. I have a hard time with my- self being twenty years old. I feel like I am 16 still. This getting old thing is weird. I can't imagine what it will be like when I am as old as Grandpa Bloom. Haha crud.........

          Anyways the work was good this week. We got a new person to teach from the second ward. We had no investigators to teach from the second ward for the last three weeks. So we stopped by on this less active family and they have kind of been a pain in the butt and very stand offish. Well the grandma just moved up here and she is way active and so we met with her one day this week and just talked to her about the family and what we wanted to do and get them back on track. Haha. So she said ok,  come by Friday or Saturday and I will have the family ready for you. Lol. So we showed up Saturday and gave a spiritual thought and asked if they would like their 11 year old son and their 8 year old daughter to take to lessons and get baptized and they said yes. Ha. So we are set up to teach them every Friday night. We are excited.

          I saw my fisrt bear in Alaska on Friday. It was a little black bear. It was the size of a big dog that is all. My companion wanted to get the baseball bat out of the trunk in the car and crack it over the head and roast it.
(Ammon's companion is from Tonga). We probably could of. It was small but hey a bear is a bear and it was my first one I have seen. Sorry I didn't have my camera with me.

          Well that will be weird to come home with all those trees down. I can't imagine it. Dang that will be weird. Oh well.  Well I hope you are all doing well. I miss you guys and I can't wait to come home and see you guys in a YEAR. Haha.

 Elder Woolbert

Hello People from home,

I had a great week. We were able to bring another person into the church. The baptism went very, very well. She would not stop smiling the whole time. Haha. It was funny and the spirit was so strong. I was really stressed because I planned the baptism by my-self because we don't have a ward mission leader. They are the ones that do most of the baptism planning and programs and what not. But not this time it was all on me. Haha. That was the most planning I have ever had to do.  It all turned out great in the end. 

           I just got done with meeting with our mission president Saturday and Sunday. It was good. He is a very smart man. I don't know if you have looked up him on YouTube yet. His name is John Beesly. Look him up he is a flippin cool guy.

           I am glad you got the letter I sent home with all the stuff in it.  Sorry i am kind of in a rush for email today so I won't tell you everything. Ask me everything you want on Sunday. We got a late start to p-day. We had to see president again this morning before he left for the airport.  

           Well you all have a good week. Thanks for all you have done and are doing. Help the missionary's and get them people to teach or at least feed them. Have a great week.

Elder Woolbert.  

Hey People from the lower 48,

  Things are all good up here in Zion. Ha-ha. I am doing well and so is my companion. We had an interesting week. Not too much was going on. Things are kind of in a slump right now in my area. We have a baptism this Friday. We are kind of excited. Ha-ha. Na not really, we are way jacked up. She is Native and they almost never get baptized. She is way solid in the gospel. She is a cool girl. We are hoping all goes well. We also picked up a new girl to teach for this week. We are excited about that too.

I don't know if I told you what happened to me just be for my last companion left? Well there is this less active family that missionaries have been working with for years and they are a way cool family. I love them to death. Well just before transfers we went over there and told them that one of us was going to get transferred. It was just me and my companion and the dad in the kitchen. He was like Woolbert if it's you leaving I need to tell you something before you leave. He said that I am the reason I got him and his family back to Church. I was the reason I got him to start reading and praying again. He said that I got his family back on the right track. I was done for after that. My eyes just started to water a little. I felt so good inside. I really didn't think I was doing all that much over there but I guess I was doing more than I thought I was. They are now pretty active and we are working with him to get the priesthood and his patriarchal blessing. Then the family is going to go to the temple one of these days. It is really cool. Sorry I forgot to tell you that when it happened. 

          Thanks for the update on all the guys back home. I like hearing how they are all doing. Thanks for sending Adam’s emails. I was writing him and then one day my email got sent back and it said I was unable to write him back and I have not been able to write him since so I will send you an email to send to him. Ha-ha. I miss my boy. My brother from another mother!

           So mom, I went into the bank on Thursday because my card was not working. I got there and I find out that someone had got my card info. They tried to make some charges so they had to cancel my card and they are sending me a new one. I was way shocked that happened to me then when I got your letter this week and it happened to you too mom. Dang. So I just thought I would let you know what happened. 

Well I do not know what else to say. Hope ya all have a great week.

 Love you all,
Elder Woolbert