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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hello People from home,

I had a great week. We were able to bring another person into the church. The baptism went very, very well. She would not stop smiling the whole time. Haha. It was funny and the spirit was so strong. I was really stressed because I planned the baptism by my-self because we don't have a ward mission leader. They are the ones that do most of the baptism planning and programs and what not. But not this time it was all on me. Haha. That was the most planning I have ever had to do.  It all turned out great in the end. 

           I just got done with meeting with our mission president Saturday and Sunday. It was good. He is a very smart man. I don't know if you have looked up him on YouTube yet. His name is John Beesly. Look him up he is a flippin cool guy.

           I am glad you got the letter I sent home with all the stuff in it.  Sorry i am kind of in a rush for email today so I won't tell you everything. Ask me everything you want on Sunday. We got a late start to p-day. We had to see president again this morning before he left for the airport.  

           Well you all have a good week. Thanks for all you have done and are doing. Help the missionary's and get them people to teach or at least feed them. Have a great week.

Elder Woolbert.  

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