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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey good people from home,

            This was a good but very slow week. It rained some days and had some way nice days too. The nice days helped out a lot. The zone leaders were out of town visiting other Elders. That was so nice to have them gone and it just is me and my companion. We had a bunch of lessons set and a lot fell through which makes for slow days. But other than that things were way good. I saw another bear. We were at a house visiting and this good size black bear came walking up to the house. My companion and I were standing at the back door and we were about a foot away from the bear. It was cool. Sorry my camera was in the car outside where the bear was and I didn't feel up to playing tag with the bear so no pictures ha ha ha. I hope you can forgive me of that mom. 

The lesson went well with the young kids. The parents were very nice but they are always sick or complaining about something. Ha-ha. I just want to tell the people to buck up and get over it. But the boy was very good in the lesson and knew a lot more then we figured and he shocked the parents by how much he knew. It was cool. They didn't come to church though. Not cool. Oh well there is always next week.

            So something else cool that happened this week was that we helped roast two pigs over a fire. Ha-ha. It was cool. It was for a big party. One of the Tongan's had a kid get baptized so they cooked a pig. I am really really liking Tongan food. They make good stuff. I really want to go to Tonga now and visit. All the Tongans think it's funny to see a white boy like their Tongan food so much and eat like a Tongan. 

            Well transfers are this next week. I am not all excited about it. I really like my companion and we are starting to see the fruits or our labors. I don't want to leave before that. Also I just bought my fishing license and I got all the gear you sent up and fishing season is just starting. Ha-ha. I don't want to miss out on that by getting transferred. So we will see what happens.

            I was laughing so hard about Norman getting out of the fence. I had to go fix the fence all the time. It's time it comes back to you all. You can feel my pain. Ha-ha. I think I would have just shot the cow and butchered him myself by now. We probably should have stayed with just white face cows and not bring in Black Angus. Lol. Oh well.

            Well thanks so much for all the love and support you all give me. Thanks for the socks and the fishing gear. It is all that I needed thanks. I hope you all have a good week and be safe.

Elder Woolbert

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