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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey People from home,

          Sorry I didn't email you last week. I emailed in the morning and I fished the rest of the day and I didn't see my email until today. Everybody has to take their time in Anchorage and now it is my turn. My new companion is Elder Blackhurst. We get along way good. We have a lot of fun. I have not laughed as much as I have with him then in the last 6 months combined. We have the smallest area in the whole mission. I am in the Jewel Lake ward. It's an okay ward.  I have never been in a ward like this before.  It's mostly all apartments. We have a lot more work to do in this ward. We stay pretty busy. My district is cool as well. We are very close. Me and my companion have been studying the gospel so much more. There is a lot more to the gospel than what I thought. I am starting to get it now. I don't know how to describe it but dad will understand. Ha-ha. Dad we will have some serious talks when I get home. So I am glad you got the boxes. The fish weighted about 18 pounds and was about 33 inches long. It was a nice fish but I still want something bigger. Ha-ha. I hope you liked the smoked salmon.

         The bear picture. So we were very close to the bear. It was just off the side of the road. And it was a little bear. It was maybe 100 pounds or 150. So you can send my letters to the mission office because the office is about 2 hundred yards from my house I am living in. We stop by there every day. So send my stuff there.

          Well we had a baptism this last Saturday. I got to teach the kid only once. But it was still cool to be able to be a part of the baptism. Oh and I am on a very short time limit here for emailing. You only get an hour to email here and the computer is really really slow so I will keep me emails short and I won’t get so many emails out to you all. Ok sorry. Oh and I can't look up Dan's daughter if I do not have a last name or an address. Their names do not do anything for me. Sorry. 

Well I hope you all have great week. I love you all and I am doing good and following the rules.

Love always,

Elder Woolbert

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