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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey People from the lower 48,

  Things are all good up here in Zion. Ha-ha. I am doing well and so is my companion. We had an interesting week. Not too much was going on. Things are kind of in a slump right now in my area. We have a baptism this Friday. We are kind of excited. Ha-ha. Na not really, we are way jacked up. She is Native and they almost never get baptized. She is way solid in the gospel. She is a cool girl. We are hoping all goes well. We also picked up a new girl to teach for this week. We are excited about that too.

I don't know if I told you what happened to me just be for my last companion left? Well there is this less active family that missionaries have been working with for years and they are a way cool family. I love them to death. Well just before transfers we went over there and told them that one of us was going to get transferred. It was just me and my companion and the dad in the kitchen. He was like Woolbert if it's you leaving I need to tell you something before you leave. He said that I am the reason I got him and his family back to Church. I was the reason I got him to start reading and praying again. He said that I got his family back on the right track. I was done for after that. My eyes just started to water a little. I felt so good inside. I really didn't think I was doing all that much over there but I guess I was doing more than I thought I was. They are now pretty active and we are working with him to get the priesthood and his patriarchal blessing. Then the family is going to go to the temple one of these days. It is really cool. Sorry I forgot to tell you that when it happened. 

          Thanks for the update on all the guys back home. I like hearing how they are all doing. Thanks for sending Adam’s emails. I was writing him and then one day my email got sent back and it said I was unable to write him back and I have not been able to write him since so I will send you an email to send to him. Ha-ha. I miss my boy. My brother from another mother!

           So mom, I went into the bank on Thursday because my card was not working. I got there and I find out that someone had got my card info. They tried to make some charges so they had to cancel my card and they are sending me a new one. I was way shocked that happened to me then when I got your letter this week and it happened to you too mom. Dang. So I just thought I would let you know what happened. 

Well I do not know what else to say. Hope ya all have a great week.

 Love you all,
Elder Woolbert 

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