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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ammon on a stick?!

Hey Family and Friends,

The baptism for Rosalie will be this Saturday at 3 in Palmer. I will be baptizing her and her husband I believe. I have never baptized anyone before so I am a little nervous. I think all will go well. The Lord is on my side. Well not much happened this week. Most every person was gone all week. Every house we went to no one was home or they were busy. It sucked hard core but that's a the life of a missionary. It’s not all fun and games. It was also a very lame Fourth of July. I felt very un-American. I can't wait to get home and blow stuff up and be with my family the next Fourth of July. I have nothing to report on. I feel bad.

Well that’s pretty funny what Aunt Sue did. It probably looks weird as heck but it's funny. (She enlarged a picture of Ammon’s head and put it on a stick so he would be included in on our family pictures.) I am glad all the things went well with the anniversary party and the dinners. I can't believe dad was telling the Warhurst's about the second coming until one in the morning. Ha-ha. That's so like dad. Gosh I miss talking to you guys. Only 11 months left. Ha-ha. Not that I am counting or anything.

           So I am still not a fan of my ward at all. They are very stand offish and lots of people tell us that.  But they feed us well and we are able to get work done.  There are probably 10 families that rock. Our bishop is a stud. He tells us all the time the ward sucks. When they changed the boundaries up, they were not nice to our ward. There is no leadership in our ward. Not much of anything. Sorry for sounding so negative today. It's just been a cruddy week and nothing has happened.
                Well I got to stop writing. I do not know what to say anymore. I love the lord with all my heart. I am doing well and I am learning lots. You all have a great week and keep the faith.

Elder Woolbert

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