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Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear People from back home,

Sorry if I am all over the place in this email. I have a hard time remembering everything form my weeks because they are so busy. We do so much. I will try and give you some high lights. To start off, two weeks ago I was told about a lady in palmer that I know very well; she was mowing her lawn up a really steep hill at their house and she flipped the riding lawn mower backward on to herself and she broke her back. It was really weird because I was having dinner and at her parents’ house that night it happened and they told me. I think I was meant to be there for a reason. It was too weird to be a coincidence. I was pretty depressed about that and I prayed a lot for her. She had to wait a week for the doctors to get enough people in the hospital to operate on her. But she had surgery early this last week and I got to visit her on Friday. It was really good to see her. It brought back a lot of good memories of palmer. She is doing well and is in good spirits. I was happy to see that. Also this week I got a text from Rosalie the Philippine lady I was teaching in palmer and she asked me to baptize her sometime in July. I was totally taken off guard. I was so thrilled that she asked me. I just want to see her baptized. Her husband has made it home from the war and he’s been getting taught to. He is getting baptize as well. Those are probably the high lights of my week.

We are doing a lot of work with less actives and it is going well. We have a bunch of none members we teach but I have not met half of them and the ones I have met are always too busy to meet and have a lesson. Everyone is gone. They don’t leave Alaska they all stay here but they are fishing or camping or whatever they can outside. People up here take full advantage of the summers. The summers are amazing up here much better than at home. Mom you would love the summers here. Its sun all the time. Ha-ha!

But before I forget we had dinner at a family’s house this week and they were telling us about their daughter that is on her mission. In a vary recent letter home she told her parents they Russell M. Nelson came to their mission to visit.  It was really cool and I forgot all that he said. One thing I remember he said to the bishops and stake presidents in her mission was to get your wards and stakes ready for a vary bumpy roller coaster ride. The saints will have more persecution then in the times of the start of the church. The time is coming vary soon. Be prepared. When I heard that I was totally blown away. I figured dad would like to hear that. Very very interesting. Be ready that’s all I can say. Stay strong in the gospel. In the last days it says there will be a cleansing and the cleansing will start in the church. Hold strong and faithful to the end.

Well I love you all so much. Have a blast in St. George. Don’t get sun burnt ha-ha

Elder woolbert

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