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Anchorage, AK 99502

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

We had a very busy week. Lots of lessons and two families moving out of the ward and a trip to the doctor’s office and we picked up a new family to teach. Ha-ha it’s been a crazy week. So mom don’t freak out I can already tell you’re freaking out that someone hard to go to the doctor and it was me. I am just fine and I still have all my fingers and toes lol I got bit by some kind of bug when we were helping someone move. I don’t know if it was a spider or what. But my whole wrist swelled up and was all red and stiff and really hot. So I went to the doctors ha. Well I was there forever and I had this weird nurse. So the doctor comes and looks at my arm and was like oh my. That’s not good. He said we will need to give you a shot and get you on some meds right ways. So shortly after he leaves this weird nurse comes walking back in and she is carrying a tray with the needle and stuff on it. Then she said drop your pants. Ha-ha I was totally caught off guard lol I was like umm what did you say? She said it again drop your pants we have to give you the shot in your butt. Lol. Wow was that freakin awkward or what lol also it was the most painful shot I have ever had in my life. I could not sit down for at least 2 hours after. So that was pretty weird but my arm is fine now and looks normal. I am still on meds though. But no need to be worried. Your son is just fine.
Well Minnie and her friend had to cancel on us this week they were busy with stuff so no lesson. But they are doing good still. We will be meeting up this week. And joey is doing good to. He is moving right along. We are happy with that. Then we picked up a new family to teach. There is a very long weird story to how we came about teaching them. I will have to tell you another time cuz I don’t have enough time to email it right now. But they are really cool and they are Philippino. I don’t know why I just didn’t get called to the Philippines on my mission. I swear I teach most of them. Ha-ha.
We also got our transfer calls this weekend. My comp is leaving me. Ugh I am not happy about that. He is going to train a new elder. I am getting Elder Webber. He is pretty new. I am also the new district leader. I am not happy about that. It’s the worst job on the mission and I will have ten elders in my district witch is huge for Alaska’s standards and I have to deal with the zone leaders on my district too. Ugh ha-ha not what I call fun. But it’s what the lord has called me to do. So there is a reason why I am called.
I got your letter thanks so much for telling Mr. Mouw.  Ha-ha it was way good to hear from him. I was not expecting to hear from him ha-ha he has been keeping tabs on me. That’s funny. He is such a good guy. I am excited to see Dan and his wife this week. It will be good to see someone from home. Too bad you’re not coming up to visit mom and dad. Ha-ha only 9 more months. Well I got to get going. I love all you all and I hope and pray you have a good week. God speed.

Elder woolbert

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