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Monday, August 20, 2012

Turn to the Lord in all things

Dear Family,
        We had a good week. Me and my companion have been working hard to get our member present lesson numbers up. There has been a big push for that and we have set the goal for 4 member lessons. Up here that's pretty dang good. There has not been very many member lessons in this area for a while so the last two weeks we have been tearing it up. We had three lessons last week and 4 this week. We had lots of other lessons but it's the member present ones we have been really pushing on. Our whole district has been kicking butt in getting member lessons. So I am pretty happy about that. I am not about numbers at all. They do not mean anything to me. I am about helping the people and bring them to Christ but setting this goal and reaching it has helped a lot in so many ways. When your teaching a nonmember, it is much better to take a member with you to fellowship the person and the member can share their testimony with the nonmember. So it was a good week.
       So Minnie and her friend are doing really good. We had another lesson with Minnie and her friend this week. It was kind of funny what Minnie's friend said to me. You know me, I am not a man of fancy words and I don't think that I am a great speaker but I was talking about the love of God and I shared Romans chapter 8:38-39. And I just told her how God loves all of us no matter what we have done and we need to always remember that. Well when I got done talking about it, she said wow what you said was really beautiful. It was a spiritual moment but I almost started laughing because I am a just a simple red neck and I do not talk fancy. So it was funny to me but she really liked it. They are a lot of fun to teach. She agrees with everything that we have talked about. I think she will be baptized. She is a great lady.
       Well as for Joey. Wow he is a hard one to teach. He talks so much. It makes it so hard to teach but I know that he likes us coming over. He is very lonely and he really likes the Book of Mormon. He has not asked a question that we could not answer. I guess that we will just have to find a totally new way of teaching this guy. To answer your question mom, Joey has not been to the doctor and he says he feels a lot better. I do not know if the tumor is going to kill him or not. They don't even know if it's even cancer. Joey is just too scared to see the doctor but I hope he will man up and go to the doctor soon. He really needs it.
       Mom, I think that is way cool that the Lord has answered your prayers.  The Lord truly does know us and what we stand in need of. I am so glad to hear that. I have faith in the Lord that he will bless my family and give you all the support you need while I am out here on my mission. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. That's why I am doing what I am doing. I love all of you and I can't wait to see you all in 10 months. I hope you all have a great week and remember to turn to the Lord in all things.

Elder Woolbert 

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