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Monday, September 24, 2012

Elder Woolbert fan club?!

Good morning Family and Friends,

Well I am sorry I don't have a very long email this week. I got a bunch more emails this week and it was way nice to hear from some other people. So I feel like I am in the spot light. Caitlin told me that there are a ton of people reading my blog and not just people from the U.S. but around the world. Lol. That kind of freaked me out. I must have mission stalkers. Lol. Maybe we should make fan club t-shirts and sell them on my blog? I think it's a good idea. Lol.
            Well this week was crazy from all the rain. It has rained so much this week but I didn't mind it. It gets old sometimes but I grew up with it always raining so it's not that big of a deal. I had a lot of fun driving fast through the huge puddles and splashing other cars and mail boxes. Lol. You know me mom always looking for trouble. But teaching this week was not too bad. We have not been able to see Joey in two weeks and we thought he might have died but we just got a call that he is in the hospital. I am glad he is there and not at his house. He really needed help bad. So we are going to be visiting him soon. That poor guy. We also have been seeing Kevin and talking with him. His wife is still shy but things are moving slowly but surely. We focused more on less actives this week and it seemed to go very well. One of the new families we are teaching invited us back for dinner and a lesson so that's always a bonus. So it was good.

So mom I do not have much time. I can't think of anything that I need except more SD cards for my camera but that is it. Sorry but send whatever you think I need.
            So last p-day we went to the military base up here. That was cool. We went shopping and messed around and then went bowling on base. We are going to go bowling again this week. Should be fun. Well I need to go. I love you all so much and if I have any creepy stalkers out there, stop stalking me. Thanks. Lol. Have a good week.


Elder Woolbert

Monday, September 17, 2012

Zone conference!

How's it going family? 

I am doing good. I am still alive and kicking. Ha ha. We had a good but slow last week. We left Tuesday morning for Kenai. Wow was that beautiful. I had so much fun down there. We had our zone conference Tuesday and then we left for home on Wednesday. Tuesday night we got to stay in a hotel room with just me and my comp and a TV. Holy cow that was so hard to not turn that TV on and see what was going on. But I didn’t. It was pretty cool. I had to do a zone training lesson on Tuesday for like 15 min. It went well. I was teaching on Teaching with the Spirit. President and his wife really liked my training. I didn't think it was that amazing. But anyways. I took a bunch of pictures on the way back because it’s so freaking beautiful down there. Oh by the way did Dan give you the stuff I sent home? I sent two SD cards full of pictures.... so what did you think about them?
          Well as for people being taught, well that did not go well. Every lesson was canceled and we were also sick this week.  We are better now and we have a bunch of lessons set for this week so we hope it will be better. Joey has not been home ever since we talked to him and Alicia did not pick up her phone and we tried to fly a kite with Kevin in the wind and rain for like an hour. hahahah. It was funny but we had a good talk with him. But other than that nothing happened this week. Sorry about it.
           So I got an email from Sister Jensen. She was not happy about me wanting to be an Alaska State trooper. lol. She told me to be a Sheriff in Snohomish County.  See that's the problem. I don't want to stay in Washington. I want to be around my family I really do but I don't want to live in Washington. It's too crowded and the hunting and fishing are not so good. ha-ha. Mom and Dad I promise we will have some talks when I get home about my future. Just don't worry. Ok. I have learned a lot and I will always pray about it. Ok.
           Well I do not know what else to say right now but I love you all and I will try and get you out a letter this week. I have been promising you a letter but I have been slacking on that and I have been so busy. We’ll have a great week and be safe.

 Elder Woolbert

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey Family,
I do not know where to even start for this week. It has been a good but slow week. My home boy Elder NA'A came in Sunday of last week and he was having a hard time with his new companion and couldn't take it so we ended up going on a three day exchange so we could work things out with his companion and with the mission president. That was fun to be with him. We have a blast together. He is one that I will be keeping in contact with for the rest of my life for sure. He goes home in November though.

So after the three days I got my real companion back.  All the lessons we had, canceled on us this week except one, Trisha. She is doing good. She didn't come to church but she is moving forward in the gospel. We also met with Joey. That was interesting. I was very bold and forward with him about his health and getting his house clean. I did it with love though because I really care about him and I want to help him. He just needed that swift kick in the butt ya know? But other than that nothing happened. It was a really, really slow week.
            I am sorry if I freaked you out mom about the trooper thing. I just love Alaska and I can have a really, really good job up here. One that I have always wanted. It's a reality now not just a dream. I would like to be closer to home I really would be but I don't want to live in Washington. That's not the place to be, sorry. There is a lot of open land up here and lots of Mormons and plenty of work and animals all over. If it gets bad, Alaska would be a safe place to be as long as your living the way the Lord wants. But mom I will pray a lot and ask Father in Heaven before I make that choice to be a trooper up here. I am sorry your little boy is not so little anymore and that I am making my own choices. Lol. It feels pretty good though.

Tomorrow we are going down to Soldotna for zone conference. I have to do a 20 minute training on something but it should be fun. I am really excited to go down there. We are staying the night and coming home Wednesday. Woo.  But enough about me. So Caitlin, Lindsay, and Avary are doing good? What's Caitlin going to study this year and what are Lindsay’s plans? Does Lindsay have a boyfriend yet?
             Well I got to get going. I have to email the president still. So have a great week and be safe.

 Elder Woolbert

It was an interesting week.....

 Dear People from back home,

                 It was an interesting week. Last Monday we went to Girdwood and did a hike to the hand tram. All of you are probably going what the heck is the hand tram? Well it is a metal basket that you get in and you pull yourself across a river. You are about 100-150 ft. in the air above the river. It is pretty cool but wow it makes you pucker when you pull yourself out over the river and the land just drops out from under you. Ha-ha. It's so cool though. It was a good day.

Yesterday I got to see Dan and Noreen. They took me and my new companion out to lunch. Ha-ha. It was really nice and I had fun. It's kinda of weird seeing people from home and not being able to be a normal person. I do not know how to describe it. I am just excited to see every one in 10 months. Ha-ha.

Last Tuesday I got my new companion. His name is Elder Weber. He is from Idaho and hmm I do not know what to say about him. He is a really nice kid. He is a giant of a man. He is very nice, non-confrontational.

The people we are working with are doing good. Minnie is doing great. She loves us coming over and teaching. She feels the Spirit more and more. Her friend is moving forward as well. Just not as fast as I thought she would. But we read 3 Nephi chapter 11 with her and she loved it. So we hope she will keep going forward. Joey is doing good. He will need to be taught for a long time probably but he needs the gospel. He is slow to pick things up and he has some problems he needs to take care of but he is doing good. The Phillipino family dropped us. Well we dropped them. They won't let us in or even answer the door when we knock. They are home and we can hear them talking, they just ignore us. It's weird. So they are not quite ready yet but we still love them and stop by every once in a while. We put a lady on date to be baptized this last week. Her name is Trisha. She is a way nice lady and loves the gospel. She is getting baptized November 23. She set her own date. Ha-ha. It was cool.  Then another person told us he wanted to get baptized. His name is Kevin and his wife is a member but less active. Kevin has had some things happen lately and prayers were answered and he told us last Tuesday that he wants to be baptized and bring his family together. I was totally shocked. Right after he told us that he put it a big old dip of chew. He looked at me and I shook my head. He said I am going to have to stop doing this aren’t I?  I just laughed and was like yep no more of that Kevin. He was like okay not a big deal. I have wanted to quit anyways. Ha-ha. I love Kevin. We are good friends. We laugh and just talk real with each other.  So it was a good week. People will be getting baptized soon enough.
             We had dinner with a family on Sunday and the dad is a state trooper up here in Alaska. Well he is kind of high up. I was really interested in the troopers up here so I started asking about them.  An hour later we figured we should get going but he told me lots of things that I have been wondering and the whole time he was telling me about the troopers I was so excited I could barely hold it in. They are short 33 troopers for this next year. He said they like Mormons a lot and you don't have to have a college degree. Just high school. I am really thinking and praying about this because I want to go into law enforcement and this is the best way to do it and it's the coolest one in the U.S. by far.  I really want to do this but I need to talk with you all about it when I get home.

Hey have you heard from Mike? I wrote him a letter 2 or 3 weeks ago. I hope everything is ok. I really miss him. If you do see him tell him I am thinking about him and I hope he is alright. Thanks.  Well I got to get running. I don't have much time as always. So have a good week and drive safely.

Elder Woolbert