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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey Family,
I do not know where to even start for this week. It has been a good but slow week. My home boy Elder NA'A came in Sunday of last week and he was having a hard time with his new companion and couldn't take it so we ended up going on a three day exchange so we could work things out with his companion and with the mission president. That was fun to be with him. We have a blast together. He is one that I will be keeping in contact with for the rest of my life for sure. He goes home in November though.

So after the three days I got my real companion back.  All the lessons we had, canceled on us this week except one, Trisha. She is doing good. She didn't come to church but she is moving forward in the gospel. We also met with Joey. That was interesting. I was very bold and forward with him about his health and getting his house clean. I did it with love though because I really care about him and I want to help him. He just needed that swift kick in the butt ya know? But other than that nothing happened. It was a really, really slow week.
            I am sorry if I freaked you out mom about the trooper thing. I just love Alaska and I can have a really, really good job up here. One that I have always wanted. It's a reality now not just a dream. I would like to be closer to home I really would be but I don't want to live in Washington. That's not the place to be, sorry. There is a lot of open land up here and lots of Mormons and plenty of work and animals all over. If it gets bad, Alaska would be a safe place to be as long as your living the way the Lord wants. But mom I will pray a lot and ask Father in Heaven before I make that choice to be a trooper up here. I am sorry your little boy is not so little anymore and that I am making my own choices. Lol. It feels pretty good though.

Tomorrow we are going down to Soldotna for zone conference. I have to do a 20 minute training on something but it should be fun. I am really excited to go down there. We are staying the night and coming home Wednesday. Woo.  But enough about me. So Caitlin, Lindsay, and Avary are doing good? What's Caitlin going to study this year and what are Lindsay’s plans? Does Lindsay have a boyfriend yet?
             Well I got to get going. I have to email the president still. So have a great week and be safe.

 Elder Woolbert

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