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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dear Family,

                So this week was kind of slow. All the lessons canceled but that's okay. We are not going to give up. I have also had a pretty bad cold this week.  It has been going around but I am much better now. So we didn't meet with the Russian guy this week. He was busy but he is still very excited about the gospel and wants to meet and learn lots more. He will probably be baptized but not anytime soon. He takes his time and wants to learn the gospel in depth before he commits, which is okay. I know the Spirit will be working on him and he will be baptized sooner than he thinks, just probably not in my time in this area. So Trisha is still on date to be baptized on the 23 of November.  We are working with some other people to but I won't talk about them yet. It's too early to tell.
               Well about the Elder Fisher that sent Lindsay the friend request. Yes I know him. He is in my district. We hang out a lot. He is a good guy so don't worry. He just was on Facebook one day and asked if he could be friends with my sister and I said yes. He wants to write her a letter. It's just a letter so don't worry. Lindsay does not have to write back if she doesn't want to but she should just talk to other people.
                Tell dad thank you so much for the email. It was really good to hear from him. Mom, I love your emails a lot too but there is something about emails from your dad that are special. Dad has some more in site to things. Ha-ha. Hey, tell dad to not worry about sending me his pocket knife. He can keep his. I have acquired another one. Thanks though. I am really proud of dad and seeing how well he is doing. In the last 3 to 4 years dad had changed. Changed for the better. He has always been churchy and stuff but he has become way more spiritual it seems like. Dad has grown a lot in the gospel. I will not be shocked to hear him as a bishop or stake president one day.
                Well anyways I do not know what plans we have for this Monday. Not much happened last week. It was rather boring but this morning I snuck into some other missionary’s apartment and when one of them was in the shower I dumped a big cup of flour on him .Hahaha. It was funny and we ran out of the apartment and he didn't know it was us. Then we went over later that morning to do studies with them and they told us all about the guys who did the flour and they were making plans to get them back. HAHA. They didn't know it was us though. I thought I should just tell you about that.
                Well I hope you all have a good week and stay out of trouble. You should get my letter by this week. Have a good day ya all.


Elder Woolbert

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