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Monday, October 15, 2012

It's a good day to be a missionary!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

It was a good last week. We had stake conference and we also had our interviews with our mission president. Stake conference went very well. It tied in very well with general conference. They really talked about missionaries and how we need to be getting our sons out on missions. They want more missionaries. The world needs all the help we can muster. So that was cool. Interviews went very well. I love talking with President Beasley. We talked about the mission work and about my companion and then we talked about home and what my plans are. Well I brought that up. But anyways it went very good. He is truly called of God to be here right now and with this group of Elders in Alaska.
            So Joey is in a nursing home. We have no idea where it is. We can't understand the things he is saying on the phone but we call him and that's good. We will find him soon. Mini is doing good. She is off and on. She is a less active lady. She is just trying to balance work and church and her daughter. But there were two great things about this week. First, we picked up a new couple to teach. They are Russian. They are so golden. They escaped from Russia 20 years ago and they have quite the story. He has studied most every church and has been to most all churches and every time he said there is something missing. Something’s not right. He has never heard about the Mormons until he talked to a guy at work that is a member of the church. Ha-ha. He is so excited about the gospel and is hoping that this is the church he has been looking for his whole life. We are super excited.
            Then the other thing this week that happened is that I got a letter from the Flowerdews. Wow it was so good to hear from them. I will send the letter home when I write you another letter. You will like it. They are going to the temple on the 10th of November and I am going to be there.
            So Sara met Elder Free. Hahaha. That's awesome because he is one of my best friends. He has been in my district until this last transfer happened. I called Elder Free this morning and he told me about meeting Sara at the reindeer farm. That was no coincidence that happened. The Lord works in funny ways. I am so glad that somehow I am making a difference in Sara's life even though I have not met her. Ha-ha. That was cool. I am just so pumped up right now. Wooooo it's a good day to be a missionary.
           So about the snow. We got snow Saturday night and it melted on Sunday. We are supposed to get snow tonight and it is supposed to start for the rest of the year. It will be fun. So today we are going to go bowling on the military base. Should be fun.
           Hmm well thanks so much for all that you do. I got the box of stuff. Thanks so much. You are all awesome. I will write a letter to you on some stuff I might need, if that's alright. Oh and while I remember for Christmas, all I need is a new pocket knife. I lost mine or it was stolen. I had that knife for 2 years. Ha-ha. But yes I need a good knife and one that is a smooth blade and that is lever assisted oh and something to make it open fast. I don't like the old fashion ones that are hard to open. Ha-ha. Well thanks so much. You are all so great. Keep up the good work and thanks for telling me about home. I really like it.

Elder Woolbert

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