Mission Home Address:

Elder Ammon Woolbert
Alaska Anchorage Mission
3250 Strawberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502

Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear Family,

                I just got off the airplane about an hour ago. We had our trip to Huslia this weekend. Wow was that something else. Hahaha. It is a small, small village. It has about 300 people living there give or take. We flew in Friday morning. We flew on a little bush plane. That was cool but it scared the crap out of me a couple of times. You are at the mercy of the wind in that little tin can. Hahaha. But we made it there safely and when we landed and stepped off the plane it was like stepping into another world. All native people just looking at you like you’re a freak. Hahaha. It was freaking funny. We had a blast. We slept in the high school. There is only one member family there in town so we were with them all the time. They had a lot of plans and meetings set up for us to teach but a lot of them fell through because it was -56 degrees outside and cars don't run well and snow machines don't run well either. So most people just hunker down and stay inside. But we still would walk through the snow and cold to people’s houses and meet with them. I met a famous native man. He is an old dog sled racer and has won one of the dog sled races ten times. It's not the Iditarod it’s some other sled race that he won. Well anyways he was way cool and liked us a lot. We got to help him with his dogs and he has a dog that is worth over 10,000 dollars. Crazy huh. Well anyways things were good. There is work to be done in the village but you need to be there for a while to get the trust of the people and then the doors will open for the work. We talked to a lot of people and you can tell they were interested they are just a reserved people if that makes sense.  I will tell you more about it over the phone, ok. So the times you gave me for Christmas will be hard but I will try and make them work. I will probably call Christmas Eve and work things out with ya all.

I will be sure to keep my eyes out for the boxes you sent us. I will make sure to not open then things you wrapped up. You and dad are the best. Thanks so much for all you do for me. I think that's really funny about Mr. Mouw. That would have been way cool to meet his son and talk. Too bad I missed him. You are doing a good job mom on planting that seed for him. I do not know why he liked me so much though. I am still trying to figure that one out. So mom don't stress about driving in the snow when you take the girls back to school. The more you stress about driving in the snow and ice the more likely you’re going to have something happen. The Lord is on your side and he knows you very well. Just put your trust and faith in him. Driving in the snow and ice is really easy. You just got to drive smart and watch out for the dumb people on the roads. But anyways I hope the weather clears up for you all. I can't believe that Lindsay is going to college. I don't feel as old as I am. The kids we talked to in the village thought I was 24 years old. Freak I am turning into an old fart. Ugh.

I am sorry I can't think of to many missionary moments from this week. The weekend trip kind of made me forget what happened earlier in the week. Oh ya I remember something. We got 2 feet of snow last Monday to Wednesday. It was crazy driving in that. There were no roads plowed or anything. But other than that things are good. Well I got to get going now but thanks so much again for all the love and support. You are all in my prayers. Have a great week and spread some Christmas cheer.


Elder Woolbert

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

                So this last week was really good. The start of the week was freezing cold. It was -40. Woo that's not fun, then it warmed up this weekend to 6 degrees and it is snowing. Wow. You know you go crazy when you can go outside in 6 degrees and be fine in just a sweater. Ha ha. It's good to get snow. We needed it. People count on the snow as an insulator so that the frost does not go down into the ground too far and freeze their septic system. It is supposed to snow all week. Well, we didn't end up going to the native village this weekend. The mission president didn't buy the plane tickets in time so we are trying to go this weekend. We will see how that goes. We are crossing our fingers. We are going out there to see if it is worth putting missionary's out there to preach the word ya know. It will be quite the adventure.

So to answer your questions, yes I got my boots. Thanks so much and I got Caitlin's gift and I did open it. I think it was funny and cool. I can’t wear the beard part of the hat often because I am a missionary and it would look funny. So about Christmas and my companion. I think it would be a really good idea to get him something. That would be really cool. Thanks for thinking about that. You have a great heart mom. Well about the cold, I don’t know when we are not allowed to go out. I will have to find that out.
This is what I got Elder Woolbert for Christmas. I figured he could use it in Fairbanks!

Well we picked up a new lady to teach this week. My companion and I are on fire. This makes 4 new people to teach since I got here. They are all way solid and they really like us. The people in Fairbanks are really nice for the most part. The ward feeds us really well. We are well taken care of so don't worry. I got to go buy a scarf today and maybe some snow pants. In the Village it is windy and cold and the little plane that we will fly out on is not air tight and it gets freaking cold. Ha ha ha. This will make good stories to tell my kids and grandkids. Well the work goes forth. You all have a great week and please have fun and be safe. I promise I will make it home alive. Lol Talk to you all later.


Elder Woolbert

Monday, December 3, 2012

Freezing in Fairbanks!

Wow thanks for the super long email. It was nice but I won't write an email back that long to you, sorry. So before I forget your questions I will answer them know. We have a Wal-Mart and Fred Meyers and Sam's club here, plus a bunch of other no name stores. If you really want me to give you ideas for Christmas, I can. A couple of pairs of smart wool socks. Umm, maybe a nice sweater. One that has a part zipper up the neck but not a whole zipper, and dark in color. Um what else, a good warm scarf. I don't like scarfs but it’s freaking -40 out. I need one to protect my lungs and my face. I have a face mask but it's just awkward to wear. You look like a robber and you’re knocking on a door. Ha-ha. I don't need hand warmers. I never use them. I guess just money or gift cards so I can get things as I need them like if I need extra hats or gloves and what not you know.

So when it gets to -30 to -39 we only have two hours of church. When it is -40 to -49 we only have sacrament meeting. When it is -50 or colder it's just the bread and water and then leave if you even dare to venture outside. Ha-ha. It's a whole other world up here. It's way hard on the cars and trucks. They are always freezing up and breaking. I broke the front CV Axel in our truck the other day. It's a piece of junk Chevy truck that has been trashed by other elders. It was just a matter of time. So we lost our 4 wheel drive going up a hill and I slid back down into a ditch. I was mad. I have never gotten stuck my whole mission. Oh well, I guess there is a first for everything. So me and my companion are still doing way good. We had a great teaching week. The guy that was going to get baptized this last Saturday backed out but that's OK. We picked up three new people to teach and they are solid. They will all be baptized they just don't know it quite yet. It's really cool. There is a lot of work up here in this area so it will be fun. This weekend we are flying out to Huslia. It is a little native village out in the middle of now where. It will be weird. I am a little scared because I have heard lots of stories about native villages. They can be a bad place but my companion is a monster and we are on the Lords side. Hahaha. So don't worry mom. :)  

I do not know what we do on normal P-days yet. I have only been here for a week and a half. So it's still up in the air. The members here are way cool. They feed us very well and they really like us. I get picked on a lot to do the prayer in church and all the other meetings.  I got told Sunday morning that I had to be the first go bear my testimony in church and the bishop told everyone. It was kind of weird and I was totally put on the spot. Ha-ha. It's hard speaking to a large group still. Also they have cameras in our Church and they broadcast the church meeting to all the people in the bush who can't make it to church. So I am a famous person up here now. Ha-ha. 

So that kind of covers everything I guess. Thanks for all the info about back home. I am sorry to hear about Aunt Lillian passing. She is in a better place now. Well I got to get going. You all have a good week and if you could pray that the weather warms up to like 0 deg. Ha-ha thanks.


Elder Woolbert


Well I just had your whole email wrote out and then I pressed the wrong button and my email went away. So I have to start over, dang it.
            Well Fairbanks is way awesome. It's kind of cold well who am I kidding its freezing cold up here. Its average is about -18 in the day and colder at night, but my boots keep me warm. It's ok that the big boots will take another week in the mail. I can hold out for that. I might have to go buy a jacket today. I am not looking forward to that but I got to.

So my companion is way cool.  His name is Elder Beirne. He is from Hawaii and he is Hawaiian. Ha-ha He is also a monster of a man. He is 24 years old and he was the second string quarterback for Arizona State. He also is one year away from his master’s degree in business. He is a way smart guy and we get along good. We are still figuring each other out but things will be good. We have been working our butts off ever since I got here. We just got a guy cleared to be baptized this coming Saturday. So that's exciting. It will be my companion’s first baptism. He is really nervous. Ha-ha. So my ward is really small. We have about 75 people that come to church on Sunday and about the same that are less active, but we are going to change that. The members that I have met so far are way cool people. I will really like them. Thanksgiving was good but bad at the same time. We had breakfast, lunch, and three dinners. Ha-ha. Not a good idea ya know.
           So about the guy that knows dad. I never got told his name. He is a mystery to me. I will see what I can do to get the number of the guy who called me, who is friends with the guy that knows dad. I am sorry if it has been driving you crazy. I totally forgot about it. I have not been called by Dan's nephew. Is he active and what is his name?
          Well shoot Fairbanks is pretty when the sun is out but wow is it cold. When I get home and we all come back up to Alaska or when you come visit me when I become a trooper, I will show you all around Alaska. You can see the beauty that I see every day. Well I hope I got all your questions but if I didn't, send me a letter with all the questions in a list and I will answer them. Okay? I got to get going. I love you all and have a safe week and stay out of trouble.


Elder Woolbert