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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

                So this last week was really good. The start of the week was freezing cold. It was -40. Woo that's not fun, then it warmed up this weekend to 6 degrees and it is snowing. Wow. You know you go crazy when you can go outside in 6 degrees and be fine in just a sweater. Ha ha. It's good to get snow. We needed it. People count on the snow as an insulator so that the frost does not go down into the ground too far and freeze their septic system. It is supposed to snow all week. Well, we didn't end up going to the native village this weekend. The mission president didn't buy the plane tickets in time so we are trying to go this weekend. We will see how that goes. We are crossing our fingers. We are going out there to see if it is worth putting missionary's out there to preach the word ya know. It will be quite the adventure.

So to answer your questions, yes I got my boots. Thanks so much and I got Caitlin's gift and I did open it. I think it was funny and cool. I can’t wear the beard part of the hat often because I am a missionary and it would look funny. So about Christmas and my companion. I think it would be a really good idea to get him something. That would be really cool. Thanks for thinking about that. You have a great heart mom. Well about the cold, I don’t know when we are not allowed to go out. I will have to find that out.
This is what I got Elder Woolbert for Christmas. I figured he could use it in Fairbanks!

Well we picked up a new lady to teach this week. My companion and I are on fire. This makes 4 new people to teach since I got here. They are all way solid and they really like us. The people in Fairbanks are really nice for the most part. The ward feeds us really well. We are well taken care of so don't worry. I got to go buy a scarf today and maybe some snow pants. In the Village it is windy and cold and the little plane that we will fly out on is not air tight and it gets freaking cold. Ha ha ha. This will make good stories to tell my kids and grandkids. Well the work goes forth. You all have a great week and please have fun and be safe. I promise I will make it home alive. Lol Talk to you all later.


Elder Woolbert

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