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Monday, December 3, 2012


Well I just had your whole email wrote out and then I pressed the wrong button and my email went away. So I have to start over, dang it.
            Well Fairbanks is way awesome. It's kind of cold well who am I kidding its freezing cold up here. Its average is about -18 in the day and colder at night, but my boots keep me warm. It's ok that the big boots will take another week in the mail. I can hold out for that. I might have to go buy a jacket today. I am not looking forward to that but I got to.

So my companion is way cool.  His name is Elder Beirne. He is from Hawaii and he is Hawaiian. Ha-ha He is also a monster of a man. He is 24 years old and he was the second string quarterback for Arizona State. He also is one year away from his master’s degree in business. He is a way smart guy and we get along good. We are still figuring each other out but things will be good. We have been working our butts off ever since I got here. We just got a guy cleared to be baptized this coming Saturday. So that's exciting. It will be my companion’s first baptism. He is really nervous. Ha-ha. So my ward is really small. We have about 75 people that come to church on Sunday and about the same that are less active, but we are going to change that. The members that I have met so far are way cool people. I will really like them. Thanksgiving was good but bad at the same time. We had breakfast, lunch, and three dinners. Ha-ha. Not a good idea ya know.
           So about the guy that knows dad. I never got told his name. He is a mystery to me. I will see what I can do to get the number of the guy who called me, who is friends with the guy that knows dad. I am sorry if it has been driving you crazy. I totally forgot about it. I have not been called by Dan's nephew. Is he active and what is his name?
          Well shoot Fairbanks is pretty when the sun is out but wow is it cold. When I get home and we all come back up to Alaska or when you come visit me when I become a trooper, I will show you all around Alaska. You can see the beauty that I see every day. Well I hope I got all your questions but if I didn't, send me a letter with all the questions in a list and I will answer them. Okay? I got to get going. I love you all and have a safe week and stay out of trouble.


Elder Woolbert

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