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Monday, December 3, 2012

Freezing in Fairbanks!

Wow thanks for the super long email. It was nice but I won't write an email back that long to you, sorry. So before I forget your questions I will answer them know. We have a Wal-Mart and Fred Meyers and Sam's club here, plus a bunch of other no name stores. If you really want me to give you ideas for Christmas, I can. A couple of pairs of smart wool socks. Umm, maybe a nice sweater. One that has a part zipper up the neck but not a whole zipper, and dark in color. Um what else, a good warm scarf. I don't like scarfs but it’s freaking -40 out. I need one to protect my lungs and my face. I have a face mask but it's just awkward to wear. You look like a robber and you’re knocking on a door. Ha-ha. I don't need hand warmers. I never use them. I guess just money or gift cards so I can get things as I need them like if I need extra hats or gloves and what not you know.

So when it gets to -30 to -39 we only have two hours of church. When it is -40 to -49 we only have sacrament meeting. When it is -50 or colder it's just the bread and water and then leave if you even dare to venture outside. Ha-ha. It's a whole other world up here. It's way hard on the cars and trucks. They are always freezing up and breaking. I broke the front CV Axel in our truck the other day. It's a piece of junk Chevy truck that has been trashed by other elders. It was just a matter of time. So we lost our 4 wheel drive going up a hill and I slid back down into a ditch. I was mad. I have never gotten stuck my whole mission. Oh well, I guess there is a first for everything. So me and my companion are still doing way good. We had a great teaching week. The guy that was going to get baptized this last Saturday backed out but that's OK. We picked up three new people to teach and they are solid. They will all be baptized they just don't know it quite yet. It's really cool. There is a lot of work up here in this area so it will be fun. This weekend we are flying out to Huslia. It is a little native village out in the middle of now where. It will be weird. I am a little scared because I have heard lots of stories about native villages. They can be a bad place but my companion is a monster and we are on the Lords side. Hahaha. So don't worry mom. :)  

I do not know what we do on normal P-days yet. I have only been here for a week and a half. So it's still up in the air. The members here are way cool. They feed us very well and they really like us. I get picked on a lot to do the prayer in church and all the other meetings.  I got told Sunday morning that I had to be the first go bear my testimony in church and the bishop told everyone. It was kind of weird and I was totally put on the spot. Ha-ha. It's hard speaking to a large group still. Also they have cameras in our Church and they broadcast the church meeting to all the people in the bush who can't make it to church. So I am a famous person up here now. Ha-ha. 

So that kind of covers everything I guess. Thanks for all the info about back home. I am sorry to hear about Aunt Lillian passing. She is in a better place now. Well I got to get going. You all have a good week and if you could pray that the weather warms up to like 0 deg. Ha-ha thanks.


Elder Woolbert

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