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Monday, January 28, 2013

Good morning Family back home,

Well it's a bit chilly out this morning. It is registering at -45 degrees. Woo got to love it. You freeze in a matter of minutes out here without a jacket on. Ha-ha. But anyways it was an interesting week. I got Dear Johned on Saturday. That sucked. It came out of nowhere but whatever I am glad it happened on my mission. Then on top of that almost all of our lessons canceled this week. That made things hard and then no one showed up to Church yesterday because it was so so cold. But hey it's all good. We are looking forward to this next week and it will be better. Amber and Logan are doing good. We are working on getting them married. That's the first big step and they want to get married they just need then money because she wants to have a wedding and all the things that go with a wedding. I might talk to the Lady's in the ward and see if we can get something put together to get them married. They are a lot of fun to teach. I love their little boys. They are so fun. Then we are teaching a guy named Jared. He is doing well too and he will get baptized. He just needs to read the Book of Mormon. There are a few other people as well but those are the top three that we are teaching.

So all sounds good back home. Avary is keeping busy. Dang. She is growing up so fast I hate that I am missing it. That's my baby sister. So mom and dad is there anything that you are wanting from Alaska because I am in a good spot to get some really cool things for cheap. Like fur pelts and baleen off the whales, or stuff made by the native people. If you can think of something let me know, ok. So last Monday we started playing dodge ball and I think we are playing that again today for p-day. It is a lot of fun and I owe people. There is only one other elder that gives me a run for my money. It's cool. I would be better if I lost 4o pounds though. Oh well that will be after my mission. I really like this eating healthy. Plus I can make it taste good. I normal have a smoothie for breakfast or some eggs. I mix spinach and carrots and other fruit in my shakes. They are good. Hmm. Well I love you and I can’t wait to see you in 4 and a half months. Have a good week and be safe.


 Elder Woolbert

Something I forgot and keep meaning to ask for. Can you get me Grandma Woolbert's patriarchal blessing? Thanks. I just want to read it. You can get that on the church web site. Thanks.

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