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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hey Family and Friends,

                 Last week was a good week. Christmas was a blast. We ate really good. I think I want to have prime rib at all my Christmas dinners from now on. It's the best way to go. A ham for Easter and a turkey for Thanksgiving and a prime rib for Christmas. I love the members up here. They love us, well they love the elders that work and do the right stuff. They treated us well at Christmas. The members that we live with are cool. They are really nice they are just a little different and think a little different than what I do but that’s ok. Yes we talked about a lot of stuff on the phone so it's hard to think about what to write about to you all. On the holidays it's hard to do mission work because everyone is busy and has family in town. So that's hard but it's ok, you just make plans ahead of time so you have stuff to do. Last Friday I got sick that night from food sickness. It sucked. I hate getting sick. You run the risk of getting sick every time you eat at some persons house. Ha-ha. But it's all good.

                So this is transfer week. I lost my companion. He is going to the pit of Alaska in Anchorage. Poor guy but he is training a new guy. He is happy but it sucks that I am losing him. He is a stud, but I am getting Elder Gardner. I do not know who he is but that’s who I am getting and I am staying here. I am still district leader. Ugh. I asked president if I could resign from my calling and he laughed and said if you resign you will go zone leader so I quickly said I will keep my DL spot. So things are going forward still. We are on a hot, hot streak right now. It's 28 deg right now. Flipping heck that's hot. It gets up to 40 deg some times. So all the snow is melting off the roofs of houses.

                We have to be in early on New Year’s, at 7:30 at night. It kind of kills the fun in everything you know but we need to be SAFE. Hahaha. So we will probably just chill and sleep early tonight. But yes it's good. Oh I got the card from Grandpa Bloom and Cathy. That was good and I got the card from Nana. Tell them thank you so much. So you want to know about the fire alarm. (When we were talking to Ammon on Christmas day, he was getting ready to walk into his ward building when he had to quickly hang up because the fire alarm was going off.)We get to the church and the alarm is going off so we called people to come and shut the alarm off and we waited for like 45 minutes and then we got in the church and we find the north half of the building is flooded in 2 inches of water. Not good so they had to pull the church apart and get people in there to dry the place out so we had church in another building this last Sunday. So that was fun. We should be back in our building this Sunday. But yes a sprinkler head broke and that's how the church flooded. So there is your update.  Well I got to get going. Have a good week.


Elder Woolbert

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