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Monday, February 11, 2013

Good morning Family and Friends,

I had a good and bad week. It was good for a lot of things and bad for one thing. So the bad thing is I am getting transferred. I am really quite mad about that because I have only been here for three months and this is one of the best wards I have ever had. So Jared one of the people we were teaching has been doing great and we had a lesson with him this last week on Wednesday. It was a good lesson and we asked him about baptism and he thought about it and we knew he was ready he was just dragging his feet. Then he said OK I will be baptized and he pulls out his phone and checked his calendar and said OK how about the 21 of Feb. It was way cool. In a year they are going to go to the temple. I am way happy for them. The really sad part is on Sunday they told everyone I was leaving and he had not found out yet because I got called Saturday. Well he came up to me after church and you could tell he was a little sad. He said man I was going to ask you to baptize me. I really wanted you to do it. It broke my heart to have to tell him that I can't because I am leaving. I am so mad about this transfer. I have never been so upset about transfers before until now.

It was also really hard to say good bye to all the ward and my other people we are working with and have become really close. Logan and Amber were upset and sad that I was going. They are so close. But I do not know, I better have something good in the next area because this area was the bomb. Oh my new area is Eagle River. It is  just outside of Anchorage. Ugh. Back to the hole and I am still a district leader.

But thanks so much for the birthday cake and the letters. You are all so great. I got all your letters on Saturday. It was cool. ( We received some text pictures from a family on Saturday of some birthday pictures of Ammon. I included them) In the picture I was holding a cheesecake that the member made me. I am glad you all got a good laugh out of pictures.  It was a fun place to eat. It was like Benihana's but better and cheaper. It's a Japanese steak house and they cook it in front of you. So anyways I am flying out in a hour to Anchorage so I got to keep this short and sweet. My mind is all over the place right now with transfers and packing and what not but thanks again for all the letters and support.

Have a great week and stay strong. We are in for a bumpy ride but if we do what the Lord asks of us and have faith, all things are possible.



 Elder Woolbert

Elder Woolbert is the one wearing the head piece.

This is a video of Elder Woolbert putting the head piece on!

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