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Monday, February 25, 2013

Road trip!!!

    Dear Family,

 I am here in Fairbanks right now emailing you before I drive back to the arm pit of Alaska. Ha-ha. This week has been one of the funniest weeks. We have done nothing but laugh until we cry all week. The drive up here was cool. It's a normal 7 hour drive and I made it in five and a half hours. I thought that was good. Ha-ha. On the way up here, I killed a grouse with my sling shot and then we cooked it and ate it. It was good eats. Then the baptism went great. Elder Beirne, my second to last companion baptized Jared and I got to confirm him. It was really neat. He was so shocked to see us. Ha-ha. We kept it a secret that we were coming up here so it was a shock to everyone when we showed up.  Jared was so happy. He rocked the house when he shared his testimony at the baptism. Most everyone was in tears. I will be going to temple with him in August of 2014 in Arizona. I won't miss that one. Besides I have done some talking with Elder Beirne and we might move to Arizona together after our missions and be roomies and go to school. There are some good trade schools down there and there is a girl there as well that I want to see and hang out with. Ha-ha. But that's just talk for right now but I need to fly the coop some time.

So we have our long drive back to Anchorage today, just me and Elder Beirne. Should be a nice drive. Don't worry mom, I am a pro at driving. That's one reason why I drove up is because President knows I can drive. Well anyways, I got a full SD card to send home with Dan and something else to send home with him as well. That is a surprise. I have another SD card that I am working on that is almost half way being full. So no worries mom.

Man, I really don't know what to say right now. All the people in Fairbanks are doing good. Logan and Amber came to church and we have met with them three times since we have been here and we hope they will be on track soon. It was really cool in sacrament meeting. I was sitting by Amber and my companions were on the stage giving talks. I got out of that. Ha-ha. But there was a guy that got up and told his conversion story and it was just powerful and Amber leans over to me and she said I want to feel how he feels about the church. I almost lost it. Tears were welling up in my eyes. We have been working a lot with these people and they have come so far and to hear her say that just filled me with so much happiness. It's nuts.

            So it was a good week. And mom you asked if I need anything. Well I don’t think that I do. I am good right now. I am just trying to finish my mission and then get home and start life. Thanks for all the love and support you give me.



Elder Woolbert

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