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Elder Ammon Woolbert
Alaska Anchorage Mission
3250 Strawberry Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Valdez, AK

Hey ya’ all back in the land southward,

            Things are great up here in Zion. So we drove up to Valdez on Wednesday. We kind of got a late start so we didn't leave until like three in the afternoon. Not good but we made the drive in good time like always. I was driving. Ha-ha. It was a nice sunny day and such a pretty drive. Just Monster Mountains all over covered in snow and glaciers all over too. So we made it to Valdez around 8:30 ish and it was starting to get dark. That night it started snowing and it didn't stop until this morning. Ha-ha. We already had about 5 feet of snow on the ground when I got here and then it snowed another 3 feet. Hahahah. Woo, I am in heaven. There is so much snow. You drive down tunnels of snow to get to people’s houses. The snow walls are taller than the truck. It's so crazy. I have never seen anything like this before. It's truly kind of trippy to wake up to all the snow every day.

            So it is just a branch up here. There is no ward. It had also been spring break the last two weeks and no one, I mean no one was home. Ha-ha. Go figure they are all in tropical places. Lame.  But I got to meet half the people on Sunday in our little branch building. Ha-ha. It's so cool. I love this little town. The police chief is a member and he was one of the first people that I met and we hit it off right away. Cops have a sick job here in Valdez.  So Sara's husband is coming up here? That's cool. I am trying to think of what we need but not much comes to mind. I want to give them something so they can help me. I want them to get those blessings of helping the missionaries. Well I could use some more quinoa. I have used half the bag already and by then I am sure I will need more. So probably that. That should be kind of easy for them to bring I think. That's cool that they want to help me. I really wish I could meet her. Maybe when I come back to Anchorage before I leave I will get to see them. Please tell them thank you so much for their love and support. It really means a lot to know that I have extended family in Alaska.

            Well my companion is Elder Parkin. Ha-ha. I love this guy. He is so funny. We will be keeping in touch after the mission for sure. He has only been out seven and a half months. I feel like an old man. I can't believe that I have been out this long. It seems like a flash that my mission went by when you’re at the end of it looking back. There are so many good memories that I think about and they seem so long ago but they really are not. I do not know. It's weird or maybe I am losing my mind which is quite possible.

            Hey so I got a question? Are you killing any cows before I come home? If so please please save me the cow tongue. Have dad do it and I know you are freaking out mom but I want it. I won't make you eat it. It truly makes the best tacos I have ever ever had, bar none. So just clean it and wrap it up and put it in the freezer. Cool. Well I was a little sad to hear about the Montana trip getting shot down. I wanted to go so bad. But that's life. It never goes the way you want it to. I will just try and go by myself with Uncle Dave to Montana. Who knows? I will get over it.

So this week has been super cool but I have also got some really sad news. It kind of broke my heart. The family that I was teaching in Fairbanks, Logan and Amber, have started going to other churches and have gone back to their old ways. It sucks because they were so cool and we were all like family up there. We were over there like three times a week and they had come so far and were doing so good and they were truly happy. Then stuff happened with the elders and then they had no contact with the elders for like 5 weeks. They just fell. Ugh it makes me mad but dang sad. There is also a missionary who has become one of my friends that I have had to help out a lot and kind of be a mentor to and he is trying to go home. He is going to fly out today. It's just hard to see people fall. I can't imagine what it is like be a parent and see a child go wayward. Oh well what can you do other than love them and pray for them.

            Well, I will get going but thanks for the letters and emails. I love you all. Have a good week and see you all real soon.


Elder Woolbert

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Transferred to Valdez!

Hey Family and Friends of the outside world,

            So it was a good week but not much teaching happened. We had missionary meetings a good chunk of the week and Saturday me and my companion spent most of the day packing our stuff up. I am going to Valdez. Hahaha woo woo. I am so jacked up. I have wanted to go there my whole mission. My companion, Elder Sant is going to Fairbanks. Ha-ha. My new companion is Elder Parkin. He is a stud and a half. He is a total goober and not an athletic person by any means and is skinny as a rail but the kid is funny. We will have fun and work hard. Valdez is one of the best fishing spots in the world. I am so happy that I get to die there. I will end my mission there just, FYI. You’re going to die over the pictures of this place, it's so beautiful. Man, I am so happy to get out of here but I am sad as well because there are people here that I feel that need me. It’s just been easier for me to connect with people. Marie came to church this Sunday again and she loved it. She was really sad to hear about us leaving. Most of the ward was upset and didn't want us to go. So it's hard.

So I didn't get to see the Thiel family. We got caught up with other things and it just didn't work out but I had dinner with Rosalia and her family. Yes they got baptized last July but they won't be going to the temple for probably another 6 months or so. They fell off for a while but they are good again and getting things in order. It's cool to see all this happen. I will forever remember my mission and the friends that I have made up here but I am ready to come home as well.

So I do not have much else to say. Ha-ha.  So dad made it home safe. I am glad. You never told me how he liked my birthday video to him. So has he put in for our tags in Montana yet? He really needs to do that like this month because he only has a little window of time to do it. I don't have much to say this week. My brain is all over like always. See you all real soon.


Elder Woolbert

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ha-ha. Thanks mom for the email. How did dad like the video message? Ha-ha. I felt a little bad after I made it but I have been gone for 2 years and have not given him crap. He is way overdue. Did he have a good birthday? So in that bag that I sent home with Dan, there is a brown Carhartt jacket, a big nice one. I got that for dad if he wants it. It's too big for me but I am sure it will fit him and he can put it with his good winter gear. You can look through that bag I sent home. I think it's just clothes and winter stuff. Nothing to special oh and a cool Fairbanks sweatshirt.  

Well it was really good to see Dan and Noreen. Dan is a funny guy. I am glad Dan thought that I was slimming down. I have a long ways to go still. I really want to work out every day but only running on seven hours of sleep a night is hard and you have no motivation to get up and work out that early in the morning. So it's hard. So about the trip to Utah, that will be cool. There are a lot of people in Utah that I need to see. I almost want to take my own car down to go see them. They are in Salt Lake or Saint George.  Elder Na'a, my big Tongan brother is in Utah so I need to see him as well. That all can get planned out when I get home. 

            Hey do you remember the Theile family from Juneau that I used to talk about? Remember that I helped him become active in the church again and he told me how thankful he was for me. Well they moved up to Palmer. I think I told you about that. Well I got a call from the missionaries in his ward that he got ordained as an Elder in the church. I was way happy to hear about that. I got his number last night and I gave him a call. I started out acting like I was the guy that lived across the street and his dog got out and bit my cat. Ha-ha. Mike was freaking out then I started busting up laughing and told him it was me. It was funny. He was telling me that he got his interview two Sundays ago now and that he was going to call me and have me ordain him an Elder but he got to church this Sunday and they did it all right then. He said that he didn't have time to call me but I was still shocked that he wanted me. It was cool. We are going to see him tonight and talk a bit. He just kept thanking me and what not. I am glad I got over my pride and went on a mission.

Well Terry is a good guy mom so don't worry. He lives with a member in our ward and we just had dinner with them last night. He is doing good and moving forward in the lessons. Marie is doing great. She came to church this Sunday and she had her two sons. They were way funny. We sat behind them. She loved church and so did her kids. At the end of church, the oldest son who is like 6 said to his mom, I think I want to come back next week. I like it here. Ha-ha. I was like got ya. She is totally in. So it has been a good week. The ward is starting to trust us and see we are getting stuff done. It's about time. Well I got to get going. You all have a great week and I hope to hear back from you all soon. Oh, I wrote Avary a letter. She should get it soon. 


Elder Woolbert

Sunday, March 10, 2013

New pictures!

Elder Woolbert was able to take many pictures of the Northern lights (Aurora borealis).


This is the little plane Elder Woolbert took to the little village outside of Fairbanks!

Elder Woolbert was actually able to fall asleep on that tiny plane! It looks like it was cold.

This picture was taken when Elder Woolbert was serving in Fairbanks. His face has been burnt from the cold wind and his eyelashes froze.
This picture was taken in Fairbanks. Part of the Alaska pipeline can be seen. This is one of the pigs that used to go in the pipeline. Now you wonder, where does the pig come into this story? Somehow, the pipelines have to be kept clean because of the oil residue that accumulates during the time oil travels from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, and it would be too dangerous for people to climb into the 4-foot wide pipes that course through the heart of Alaska. Enter "the Pigs". These are huge drill-like devices that are sent through to perform maintenance along The Pipeline on a regular basis and perform many other functions as well.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Family,

             So I am in Palmer right now emailing you. I am at the MATSU College. My old stomping grounds. Ha. It feels good to be back here. I called Rossalia this week and she was so happy to hear from me. We are trying to go over there for dinner next Monday. We will see what happens though. I will be meeting up tomorrow at two with the Edmonds. I hope Dan can take something really big and fragile home for me. It would save me a lot of trouble. Don't worry about the snacks going bad. It's ok. Ha-ha. I still love you mom and I know how to cook the quinoa. I was eating it a lot in my last area.

             So anyways about my area. It's getting better. We have finally met with the Bishop and we went through the ward roster and got some people to start working with. We also have two pretty solid investigators that we picked up since we have been here. One is named Marie. She is way cool and kind of sassy. It's funny. Her husband is a member but has been less active for a long time but he got shipped to Korea for a year with the military. Since he has been gone he has become active again and is doing great and it has got her interested in the church. So that’s way cool. I like teaching them. The other guy we are teaching is Terry. He has been out of jail for a couple months now but still has an ankle bracelet on. He is a good guy and has really turned his life around and likes the message that we bring and the peace he feels when talking to us.  We also have some other people we are working with but they are not as solid as we want them to be but they are still good people.

So dad is off to Texas? Hmm that's cool. Tell him to be safe and stay out of trouble. Ha-ha. So I have to drive Avary around? What? I will be working and hunting and fishing and working out every moment. I got to stay busy to stay out of trouble. Ha-ha. I won't have any of my dudes back from missions yet when I get home. I have thought about trade school and I have not made up my mind. I need to do some searching when I get home but I want to do gun smithing or a diesel mechanic or something cool that makes good money. I also want to learn how to blow glass on the side. That would be a cool side money thing I could do. But that's just my mind rambling on like always.  Well sorry about all the miss spellings. Spell check is not working right now. Oh well.  I will be writing Lindsay and Caitlin soon. I have just been tired and have had no desire to write a letter. Ha. I will work on it though. I owe Adam a letter from five months ago.

            Well I will get going now but you all have a good week and I love you all. God speed people.


Elder Woolbert