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Monday, March 11, 2013

Ha-ha. Thanks mom for the email. How did dad like the video message? Ha-ha. I felt a little bad after I made it but I have been gone for 2 years and have not given him crap. He is way overdue. Did he have a good birthday? So in that bag that I sent home with Dan, there is a brown Carhartt jacket, a big nice one. I got that for dad if he wants it. It's too big for me but I am sure it will fit him and he can put it with his good winter gear. You can look through that bag I sent home. I think it's just clothes and winter stuff. Nothing to special oh and a cool Fairbanks sweatshirt.  

Well it was really good to see Dan and Noreen. Dan is a funny guy. I am glad Dan thought that I was slimming down. I have a long ways to go still. I really want to work out every day but only running on seven hours of sleep a night is hard and you have no motivation to get up and work out that early in the morning. So it's hard. So about the trip to Utah, that will be cool. There are a lot of people in Utah that I need to see. I almost want to take my own car down to go see them. They are in Salt Lake or Saint George.  Elder Na'a, my big Tongan brother is in Utah so I need to see him as well. That all can get planned out when I get home. 

            Hey do you remember the Theile family from Juneau that I used to talk about? Remember that I helped him become active in the church again and he told me how thankful he was for me. Well they moved up to Palmer. I think I told you about that. Well I got a call from the missionaries in his ward that he got ordained as an Elder in the church. I was way happy to hear about that. I got his number last night and I gave him a call. I started out acting like I was the guy that lived across the street and his dog got out and bit my cat. Ha-ha. Mike was freaking out then I started busting up laughing and told him it was me. It was funny. He was telling me that he got his interview two Sundays ago now and that he was going to call me and have me ordain him an Elder but he got to church this Sunday and they did it all right then. He said that he didn't have time to call me but I was still shocked that he wanted me. It was cool. We are going to see him tonight and talk a bit. He just kept thanking me and what not. I am glad I got over my pride and went on a mission.

Well Terry is a good guy mom so don't worry. He lives with a member in our ward and we just had dinner with them last night. He is doing good and moving forward in the lessons. Marie is doing great. She came to church this Sunday and she had her two sons. They were way funny. We sat behind them. She loved church and so did her kids. At the end of church, the oldest son who is like 6 said to his mom, I think I want to come back next week. I like it here. Ha-ha. I was like got ya. She is totally in. So it has been a good week. The ward is starting to trust us and see we are getting stuff done. It's about time. Well I got to get going. You all have a great week and I hope to hear back from you all soon. Oh, I wrote Avary a letter. She should get it soon. 


Elder Woolbert

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