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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Transferred to Valdez!

Hey Family and Friends of the outside world,

            So it was a good week but not much teaching happened. We had missionary meetings a good chunk of the week and Saturday me and my companion spent most of the day packing our stuff up. I am going to Valdez. Hahaha woo woo. I am so jacked up. I have wanted to go there my whole mission. My companion, Elder Sant is going to Fairbanks. Ha-ha. My new companion is Elder Parkin. He is a stud and a half. He is a total goober and not an athletic person by any means and is skinny as a rail but the kid is funny. We will have fun and work hard. Valdez is one of the best fishing spots in the world. I am so happy that I get to die there. I will end my mission there just, FYI. You’re going to die over the pictures of this place, it's so beautiful. Man, I am so happy to get out of here but I am sad as well because there are people here that I feel that need me. It’s just been easier for me to connect with people. Marie came to church this Sunday again and she loved it. She was really sad to hear about us leaving. Most of the ward was upset and didn't want us to go. So it's hard.

So I didn't get to see the Thiel family. We got caught up with other things and it just didn't work out but I had dinner with Rosalia and her family. Yes they got baptized last July but they won't be going to the temple for probably another 6 months or so. They fell off for a while but they are good again and getting things in order. It's cool to see all this happen. I will forever remember my mission and the friends that I have made up here but I am ready to come home as well.

So I do not have much else to say. Ha-ha.  So dad made it home safe. I am glad. You never told me how he liked my birthday video to him. So has he put in for our tags in Montana yet? He really needs to do that like this month because he only has a little window of time to do it. I don't have much to say this week. My brain is all over like always. See you all real soon.


Elder Woolbert

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