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Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,


We had a great trip up to Glennalen. It's a weird little town and there is not much to do there and not much work. The mountains all around it are beautiful but the town is lame. We stayed in the little church building they had. That was fun but interesting. I don't like living in the church, but we were able to make some really good visits with members there who need the help. One of the families we met and had dinner with the wife is active and the husband has been less active for years and they have three sons. The oldest son is less active and the middle one is on a mission and the other one is only sixteen. So the sixteen year old boy and his mom and one other lady are the only ones that meet and go to church on Sunday. I feel so sorry for them. They call in to Valdez and listen to church and then have their own Sunday school and go home. That poor boy has to be so much more grown up for his age. He is a stud; he really is and will be one of the best missionaries. He is the only youth that's a member in the whole town and the only active priesthood holder. There is a lot on that young man’s shoulders. We also visited with the other lady that comes to church. Her husband is a nonmember. We had a good time over there. We have plans to come back and see them next month. We also met some crazy weird people too. Wow, what an interesting place. People that normally live out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska are weird and have problems. Me and Elder Parkin were a little afraid for our butts. Like you know in the Deep South when you see that crazy creepy person playing the banjo on the front porch. It kind of makes your butt pucker. Ha-ha. Well that's what this house was screaming and the two weirdo men inside screamed the same thing. I don't plan on going back there anytime soon. Sorry for the blunt talking but it's the only way I can get my point across.

            Ann is the lady on date to be baptized and her date is the 4th of May. We hope is all works out. We did not see her last week because the guy that comes with us got sick so we are seeing her on Thursday. She is doing good though. The witch lady we have not talked to since. We don't plan on teaching her. We have not met her kids either. We need the members to invite them to church. So we will wait and see what happens.

Well this was a really hard email to read. I was just thinking about Grandpa Simkins this morning before I came to do my email and I was thinking how cool it would be to have him hold my first kid when I have him in two years or so. I miss them so much and I never thought I would lose them on my mission. They are supposed to live forever. Grandpa was a stubborn man that would never give up the fight. I do not know this is just freaking hard to talk about. Thanks for keeping me in the loop about all this. I will pray for him and grandma. But your right mom it’s not the end. Not by any means is it the end but it’s still hard to deal with the loss of a loved one. I am forever grateful for you and dad taking us kids to Utah every year to visit them and spend time with them. Thank you.

            I am sorry I don't have much else to say right now. My eyes are to watery and I can't think very clear right now. I love you all and thank you for keeping me in he loop. You all have a great week and keep safe. And by the way I got your letter, thanks. Could you look up what is takes to be an instrument tech? They use them a lot in the oil refineries and can you look up and see what it takes to be an operator at the oil refineries as well? The oil field is good work and pays very well and I could get a job in a lot of different places. Thanks.



Elder Woolbert

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