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Monday, April 15, 2013

Dear Family,


We had a great week. We taught more lessons this week than missionaries have in the last six months. We also put a lady on date to be baptized last night. That's pretty cool. And what I mean about the number is we total all the numbers of lesson up at the end of each week and we taught more than the other elders did in a week. The lady we put on date is a Vietnamese lady and does not speak much English but there is a guy in the branch who speaks Vietnamese so we are lucky. She is a nice lady and wants to do what’s right but she has some really bad health problems and is sick a lot. I know she will be blessed for doing as the Lord asks. All the other people we are teaching are kind of different. They are not all that solid but still good. The weather was so nice from Monday to Thursday. Then winter came back for another round. It has been snowing the last two days now and we have about 18 more inches of snow. Ha-ha. I love it but I was also excited for spring. The winter is really long up here in good old Alaska. 

Well conference was good. We watched it at the church and we were the only ones there. Kind of sad that none of the ward showed up but I don't blame them for watching it at home. So we got really comfy and watched and sometimes passed out but hey that happens. I really like Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk Sunday afternoon. That one just stood out the most to me. I liked it because it is so good for the people we are teaching. I am getting copies made of all of Conference on DVDs to give to Ann the Vietnamese lady in her own language.

Thanks for looking up the stuff I asked you. Can you look up another one for me as well? Vet school and electrician? If dad says to look into it I will. I could always try getting a job at an oil refinery as well. It pays good and is a constant job and it’s got benefits. I guess I just have a lot to consider. I just want to make a good living for my family and not hate my job. So send me whatever you think might be good for me.

So last Monday snow shoeing was freaking awesome. I had a lot of fun and it was a good work out. I thought it would be way harder than what it was but it was easy for me at least. I want to get a pair of snow shoes when I come home. But we don't get much snow in places to use them. We hiked out on a frozen lake to a glacier and then to an ice cave. Wow was that pretty. The blue was so vibrant.  I will send my SD car home sometime soon or you will just have to wait until I get home. So I did meet with Frankie. Ha-ha. He is a good guy. I really like him. He gave me two big bags of that stuff. It was way nice. We eat Quinoa most every day for lunch. I cook it with a can of chicken and season it. It's good and healthy. We also got gym memberships this last week so we can work out every morning. I lost a lot of my strength and it sucks plus I got some weight to lose. I got the branch to not feed us desserts anymore. That's nice.

Well we should have a good week. This coming weekend we are driving up to Gleenalen. It like two hours north of us. There are some members up there that need help and support so that will be a fun trip. Well thanks for all you do. I love you all so much and I can’t wait to see you all soon.



Elder woolbert

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