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Friday, April 5, 2013

Hey Mom, Dad and Family,

            We had a good week. So to answer some of your questions. We live in our own rundown apartment like always. It's cool. I had to spend the first day and a half cleaning it. It was freaking dirty. I can't stand a dirty house. It's a work in progress. It's hard to clean something when it's already a hunk of junk and needs to be fully replaced. But it's all good. I don't know about what really happens on p-days here seeing as though I have only been here one p-day and working on number two, but today we are going snow shoeing to a glacier. It should be fun. We are going with a bunch of members. I hope I don't die on the way from being out of shape.

So we got to meet a lot more people this week. Spring break is finally over and people came back. We have been hitting it off good with the members. For Easter we all had a ward feast after church. It was nice but there were so many people that I did not know.  We had a lesson with a Wicken lady this week. I am sure dad knows what they are and he probably saw them in England a lot. Well she is a witch. What an interesting lesson that was. She told us all about her stuff she believes in and we talked about our belief. She was very nice and liked to hear both sides of the story but she was not interested for herself. She was meeting with us so she can teach her kids about us. To make a long story short her kids are the ones we are trying to teach. 

            I do not really have much to report on, but I can tell you that Marie in my last area is doing good and has been to church every Sunday. She is solid in the gospel. It is way cool. The elders there love teaching her. I just thought you might want to know about that.

            So Nathan is getting married? Wow I have no idea what to say to that. Ha-ha. Wow that's dang cool though. And David as well. Freak, I need to get home. All the people here ask me how long I have been out and I tell them 22 months and they are like dang what are your plans when you get home?  And I have no plans that are set. It sucks. I wish that I could start making plans but I need a computer for that. I want to try and be a cop. That's my first choice and then a diesel mechanic or a heavy machine operator. Those are my three big ones and I also want to learn how to be a gun smith on the side. I don't know what but learning to be a gun smith has been on my mind the last several months. So I hope it works out. I just need to get in shape and make some money and get things going. Maybe you can start looking at schools and prices for me on a diesel mechanic and gun smithing. I just need an idea of what I am getting myself into. Woo, so enough said about that. I am just trunky when I am not doing missionary work. It's hard to stay busy here. We have five feet of snow that's melting and it’s a small town. We will be watching General Conference in Valdez probably at the church. So that should be good.

            Well I am glad that Cory is OK. Well sorry if this email is not all you wanted it to be. I just have a lot on my mind. Life is starting again and I need to figure stuff out.

            Be sure to really pay attention at conference. It might be interesting. These next couple of years are going to be very different than what we are used to. Things are getting worse and worse. A lot of people up here can see it. They are preparing. But not only are they preparing physical but mentally and spiritual. That's all the conference talks have been on lately anyways. We are getting ready for the second coming. Hence why we have the big mission boom.  The gospel has to be proclaimed to every nation.  All I am saying is be prepared and help others to be prepared. You don't have to be all crazy on them but help them and guide them. We are already seeing the wheat being separated from the tare. It's happening up here and I am sure it's going on down there. There has been a couple families that I have know just recently that were active and are now anti. It's sad but that's what is talked about in the scriptures.

            I just needed to tell you what I have been seeing and what I know is coming. Sorry to drop that on you but know that no matter what happens if we stay on the Lords side all will be well in the end. This life is short but it will affect us for eternity. Please have a great week and stay strong and stand in holy places.


Elder Woolbert

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